Empower your voice

Dear Mediterranean Wanderers

There’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement that truly comes from doing what you love and ALL that it gifts you the chance to experience when you take a risk and make that step. It’s what I’m reminded of as I reflect on the most extraordinary women I had the chance to meet as part of my Empower Your Voice Workshop in Sydney on the weekend.

To do what you love is a true GIFT. But to have the chance to impact others, to share knowledge and  insight and be immersed in an abundance of creative inspiration and notice what happens when women make certain core realisations, when they find their Voice, when they recognise that they have the strengths, knowledge and capacity to do exactly what they want and pursue what they love and cast the fear aside, this is the GREATEST reward of all and the biggest gift for me to experience as a facilitator.

Empower your voice

Sydney’s Empower Your Voice Workshop

I feel an enormity of gratitude to the women who join me on these extraordinary Workshops, for instilling their trust in me, for giving me the privilege of hearing their personal story and greatest fears, but mostly, I am deeply grateful for the chance to be in the company of such amazing women each and every time and to give them the chance to connect and be in the company of likeminded inspiring women that allow them to feel that they are part of an empowered Tribe..

My deepest gratitude for the opportunity to share this very special Workshop with you amazing women in Sydney. I cannot WAIT to see the magic that’s waiting to unfold for you coming out of our time together as you harness the tools you’ve learnt and continue to take the steps in “following your bliss”

And I am absolutely THRILLED to be joined by the amazing women next week in Perth!

For those of you wanting to take that next step, would love to have you join us!



For further details, please email me: paula@mediterraneanwanderer.

As you go about your day, and start your week, thinking about all that would happen if you were to take a risk and make that step in do something for YOU, I want to leave you with this quote which has been a deeply significant one for me when I was facing that crossroads of change:

“When you follow your bliss, the Universe will open doors where there were only walls…”
~ Joseph Campbell

With Love and in deep gratitude,

Empower your voice