This Decision Changed These Women’s Lives

Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

There’s a common story I hear from the amazing women that join my Workshops and Retreats…It goes a little something like this:

I want to connect with my Passion,
I want to have the confidence to do what I Love,
I want to find my Voice
I want to feel inspired and tear down the walls I’ve built around Me
I want to do what I love but don’t know how to Start
I’m not Good enough, Skilled enough, Young enough, Worthy enough
Who’s going to want to listen to Me?
What I want to do isn’t important enough…

I know that story well. Before I launched Mediterranean Wanderer that used to be me.

I believed that I didn’t have the capacity to achieve, start or bring to life my Passion and all that inspired me. What’s worse, I believed that I could only do it through the support, help and guidance of my partner and when that 11-year relationship ended, I felt like I had just lost my greatest safety net from beneath my feet.

For years, I didn’t believe in ME…And then something changed…

Having the courage to take that first step started my greatest love affair. It unlocked my passion for Writing, allowed my creativity to thrive and taught me to believe in myself again.
This Decision Changed These Women's LivesThe greatest gift for me is sharing this knowledge and experience with the women who join me, and hearing what a life-changing experience it has been:

“Paula, from the minute we stepped off the ferry we were swept up by the powerful ancient Meltemi winds and showered with your kindness and thoughtfulness where you nurtured and challenged us to unbelievable heights.

Through our creative sessions you inspired us to find our voices and become empowered to realise our worth, not hide our gifts and to Emergewith confidence & belief that we are enough. I am grateful to you for welcoming us to this soul calming magical island where we came together heading in different paths, yet sharing so much in common that we wouldn’t have believed possible. We laughed, cried, explored, relaxed and connected as if we’d known each other all our lives…

The stunning setting and your heartfelt mentoring stirred powerful stories and the Goddesses within us and evoked new creativity, disrupted stagnant energies and demonstrated to us the importance of creative flow and how our creative lives and personal lives are entwined…

Thank you to the Mediterranean Wanderer for being the ultimate Goddess, sharing the beautiful Serifos island secrets with us, nurturing us and opening our eyes to all the beauty around and within…This has truly been a life-changing experience full of wonderful memories to treasure forever…” Larraine B, Emerge Retreat participant 2018

This Decision Changed These Women's Lives

This is the woman I’m inspired by, who I’m always so excited to meet. She’s the one that’s dared to do what she loves, joining my Greek island Retreats. She’s shared her story, inspired lifelong connections and brought to life her hopes and dreams by stepping into becoming the very woman in this scene.

I always wonder about who it might be this time, walking those sun-drenched streets and the new Tribe of amazing woman who will be saying YES to changing their life and daring to Dream..

Maybe you’re feeling like it’s finally YOUR turn to be indulged in this delicious creative and culinary feast…To learn, immerse in beauty, have fun and finally shine a light on those hopes, passions and dreams…

This Decision Changed These Women's Lives

This year promises to be an even greater Creative Retreat experience with the choice of two breathtakingly beautiful Greek islands to chose from in the heart of the Cyclades and TWO very special Creative Retreat experiences.

Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos. This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion.

Envision: A Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning island of neighbouring Sifnos, facilitated together with incredible Portrait, Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer – Corrina Tough. 




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Love Paula x