Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

The registration for our very special Envision & Emerge Retreats to the beautiful whitewashed islands of Sifnos and Serifos are closing soon. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to take the next steps toward inspiring your Photography & Writing passion on this very special creative getaway. Registration ends on July 25th.


Envision is a Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning whitewashed island of Sifnos, Greece. Over 6 days we teach you how to hone in on your writing, sharpen your photographer’s eye and give you the tools you need to achieve stunning photos that you feel proud of and can confidently apply to social media, branding, publications or personal use. We transform the landscape of the Mediterranean into our own private canvas with photo shoots through beach landscapes, capturing that famous golden-light through quaint village streets and being seduced by the magical beauty of Sifnos…

Emerge is a Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos.This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion. There is nothing more powerful then putting pen to paper. In this Retreat, we use the Writing process to move through the areas holding you back Creatively, Personally or Professionally. A theme that resonates very strongly for women who are facing that turning point or cross-roads in their lives, this Retreat is for those of you who dare to Dream, want to feel confident and have the courage to be heard and are ready to take the next steps to ignite their passion for what they love…

We have organised a sensory feast to indulge you on the Greek islands, with visits to some of the most best-kept secrets around, PLUS a once in a lifetime private portrait shoot with brilliant photographer and dear friend Corrina Tough to celebrate YOU! 

Envision & Emerge Retreats

Your creative fire burns bright and our time away is designed to make that flame shine your greatest light and have you walking away feeling confident and excited about your unique strengths, talents and gifts and realise the transformation that can take place when you are accessing the greatness of your creative potential. 

The Envision & Emerge Retreats will take place in September on the very special islands of Sifnos and Serifos, two islands that promise to seduce and spoil you and will serve as the perfect backdrop to start mastering your creative passion and allow you to Emerge and Envision into your greatest potential and take the next step you’ve always dreamed of.

Registration ends on July 25th.

Love Paula x

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