Unlock Your Creative Passion

Dear Passionate Creatives

I know many of you out there have a burning creative passion that won’t leave you alone. Something you’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid to start or that voice in your head tells you: “stop being so foolish, you’re just wasting your time…”

The thing about your Creative Passion is that it never goes away. It WANTS you to start. And the minute you do, a whole other world you’ve never known before suddenly opens up, takes charge and completely changes your life.

But the first thing you need to do is to take that step and start…

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the stunning whitewashed streets of Sifnos…

Vision for what you want to do will get you so far…but sprinkled with a little intention, making an effort to take a couple of steps, and then BANG! You are well and truly on your way…

This September there are two very special Creative Retreats taking place to the stunning whitewashed islands of Serifos & Sifnos in the heart of the beautiful Cyclades.

The Envision & Emerge Retreats are about bringing your greatest Vision and Passion to life and letting us teach you the tools you need to help that Creative Passion take full flight…A creative escape and feast for the senses, we teach you to harness your strengths with Photography & Writing practicums that are all about helping you unlock your creative potential, realising your greatest creative vision and being inspired by all that we’ve got planned.

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What excites me most is seeing this Vision come to life…The delicious feasts around the table, creating work you’ve always dreamed of, seeing the breathtaking photo shoots taking place and the wonderful women who are joining us gracing those stunning whitewashed streets and capturing those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments to treasure for life. 

If you feel it’s time to unlock your Creative Passion, then you might like to join this September’s Envision & Emerge Retreats, and make your Creative Passion take full flight…All details below:

Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos. This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion.

Envision: A Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning island of neighbouring Sifnos, facilitated together with incredible Portrait, Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer – Corrina Tough. 




For those wanting to learn more, email me:  

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Love Paula x