You’re The Star in this Dream Greek Island

Dear Greek Island Goddesses

Picture it…

The dream setting…Whitewashed streets, a maze of cobblestone winding pathways, the sun streaming through, a gentle breeze blows wildflower aromas through the air, in the background the chime of goat bells echo in the distance and the spotlight suddenly beams directly on YOU, flashing your smile, turning this way and that with a sashay of your hips, the flow of your skirt dancing with the breeze and taking instruction under the command of incredible brand and portrait photographer Corrina Tough as she transforms this stunning Mediterranean backdrop into the ultimate canvas just for YOU.

This is the setting for our exclusive private portrait shoot on this September’s Envision Retreat on the breathtaking island of Sifnos.

We know how busy you women are. We know how much time you give to everything that takes up your day-to-day. So, we wanted to do something super special and super fun during our time away! If there’s one thing we love as women, it’s the chance to get dolled up, have some fun and feel like a star for the day. As part of our Retreat experience, Corrina will be offering your very own exclusive and private one-on-one portrait shoot with her.

With the stunning whitewashed houses of the Mediterranean as your backdrop, during the magic of that golden hour shining its honey-coloured light on you, Corrina will be giving you the opportunity to partake in this experience that is truly all about celebrating YOU. With exclusive access to your online gallery including a photo print of your favourite pic, this will be a gift for you to keep and treasure forever, cherishishing memories of our time away.

You're The Star in this Dream Greek Island

The Envision Retreat is an exclusive: Food, Photography & Writing Getaway set on the very special island of Sifnos. An island that promises to seduce and spoil you and will serve as the perfect backdrop to start mastering your creative passion in Photography & Writing and create the work you’ve always dreamed of.

Registration ends on July 25th.  You’re the star.


Love Paula x

View Corrina’s portfolio of stunning photography and read our interview HERE