Dear Passionate Creatives

The best conversations are the ones where you dive right in and are in the company of people who aren’t afraid to get uncomfortable, share in a bit of mess, lay it out as it is and make you feel deeply inspired. They’re the conversations that make you feel full on the inside, where you walk away completely content.

I had the chance to share in a conversation that made me feel just that.

I’m hugely grateful to have been a recent guest of a podcast created by two men I deeply admire and I’m lucky to call friends. The theme for the podcast is: Fearless Conversations with mindful, creative, entrepreneurial leaders. 

Jim from TANK and Damian Karaula are both business owners and leaders in their own field. What inspires me most about my time with them is their capacity to share in the most uninhibited way. It’s always honest, raw and comes from the heart. There’s a quality and integrity that encompasses all that they do, and it’s this quality and integrity that creates the most dynamic and inspiring conversations to take place.

In this interview I share my journey. We talk about:

  • Pursuing your Passion
  • Facing those forks in the road 
  • Taking the Leap when I was terrified
  • How finding the right Mentor changed my life
  • Why doing what I love transformed my life personally, creatively and professionally
  • Trusting my gut
  • The power of synchronicity and much more…

You’ll hear sobbing at the beginning of our interview (that’s me). Jim didn’t edit those sobs out and although it made me feel uncomfortable the first time I heard our recording, I am so grateful that he kept them in. Deleting them would be like deleting a massive part of my story or my own self-talk making me ashamed of something that makes up the complete part of who I am.

There is nothing shameful about pursuing your passion. Being emotional is part of it. It’s a reminder that anything worth doing forces you to give all of yourself, with every inch of who you are. And sometimes that means crying.

One of my favourite quotes from Rumi says: Respond to every call that excites your Spirit.

Anything that triggers our passion is worth the emotional investment it asks of us. Many of us are made to feel deterred from ever daring to bring our passions to life. I hope this conversation inspires those who might be feeling frustrated and stuck.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. Please do share this with someone you feel needs to hear these words right now. Whether they want to take the next steps to do what they love, whether they might be facing a fork in the road and are terrified to take the next step, or whether they just need to be reminded that they’re NOT nuts for wanting to pursue something that completely lights them up..

This conversation is about just that.

If you enjoy it, please pass it on. It’s the “passing on” that leads to more of these important conversations on the Fearless Conversations podcast to be able to take place.

To listen to our conversation, click on the episode titled: PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION HERE.

With Love,
Paula x