Dear Mediterranean Wanderers

Every time you are given an inkling, a feeling of thrill, when you sense excitement stirring on the inside, YOU are being given a CHANCE.

Whether it’s writing a book, starting your passion project, making the decision to follow that feeling that’s telling you to GO FOR IT. That’s the Universe sending an opportunity your way.
And it’s begging you: NOT TO WASTE IT…

People can see things in you, that you can’t always see in your own self.
They see your gifts, your talents, the things that are unique to what makes you AMAZING.
And when they see that, when they experience it from their encounter with you, they are looking at the GREATEST VERSION OF WHO YOU ARE. 
We overlook the greatest version of ourselves and often think it as just being the “normal” part of what makes us, us.
But it’s not.
It’s in those moments that gives others time to pause and think: “They are AMAZING, they’re the type of person who will start something and make it great.”
Never underestimate your expression. What’s simple and the “norm” for you, is ground-breaking and LIFE CHANGING for someone else.

I don’t care much for New Years resolutions. I’ve never made them and I mostly think they’re a waste of time.
Resolutions add the unnecessary weight and pressure to a task that ends up feeling like a chore instead of a celebration.
Every minute of the day is an opportunity to change and that change is to be CELEBRATED. 

It doesn’t make the task easy, it just means that you are no longer willing to continue being a small version of the enormous energy and space that’s waiting for you to step into.
And THAT, is something to be OVERJOYED about. Because what’s waiting on the other side of that change, is the greatest expression of YOU..

Here’s 5 TIPS to combating SELF-SABOTAGE in making change:


Regardless of whether it’s starting your passion project, getting fit or saying goodbye to patterns or people that no longer serve you, you MUST make it a realistic and achievable goal to ensure your success. Schedule what you want to do and the change you want to make into your daily life and make a decision about JUST HOW much time you are prepared to invest in it. Whether it’s 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week or just 5 minutes a day once a week. Any DRASTIC change, will ALWAYS set you up for disaster. Change is meant to be FUN, not PAINFUL, if you’re NOT doing it willingly, and it’s feeling like torture, you are setting yourself up for inevitable failure and will shrug your shoulders in a months time and say: “It didn’t work for ME”


In the same way you have a to-do list for ALL your other plans, you MUST have a to-do list for what you are wanting to change. Having a list gets the clutter out of your head and onto the page. It gives you space to review, and see EXACTLY what needs to be done. Ticking it off as you’re going along, makes for an extra rewarding feeling, and deep sense of accomplishment.


Journaling is one of the greatest ways to monitor where you are and where you’ve been. You have a record of that progress. Often, when we are in the midst of change, we are actioning things but not necessarily feeling that we are getting any tangible results. Keeping a daily record of our experiences is a way of being able to reflect on the EXACT changes that are happening from our state of mind and response to certain things, to physical changes that may be happening. MONITOR your actions by keeping a daily journal. The results WILL surprise you.


We RARELY stop and give ourselves a pat on the back as a result of a change we’ve managed to achieve or an action step we’ve taken. Even the smallest steps need to be seriously acknowledged. Change doesn’t happen in one full swoop, it comes from a series and succession of baby steps that, in time, serve to lead into one GIANT LEAP. So PAUSE for a moment when you feel something GREAT that’s just happened, because that’s a sign that you are implementing serious change that’s going to STICK. And you are THANKING the Universe for helping you make it happen.


If you’ve slipped up, then DON’T beat yourself up about it. This just sets you back even more. Instead, make up for it the next day or the next week, add it on to the other tasks you’ve set for yourself and prioritise making it happen FIRST. The biggest thing that served to support me in moving forward when I was going through my own change, was that I made a rock solid commitment to myself that I wanted to make it happen. That I was taking this new chapter in my life seriously. I promised myself, no matter how hard things got, I was NEVER going back to my old self or my old life. Be accountable for the change you want to make and MAKE SURE that the moments that catch you off guard, are acknowledged and corrected. This makes all the difference between something that you consider to simply be a passing phase, or something that you are prepared to commit to for life.

I hope whatever it is that’s in your heart, that you hurry up and GET STARTED…because the FUTURE IS BRIGHT BABY and that AMAZINGNESS is waiting for you to join forces to create something great. I can’t wait to see you SHINE…

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Love Paula x

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