“Don’t let the past steal your future…” Oscar Cainer

Dear Mediterranean Wanderers

2019 has certainly delivered in peaks and lows and hit me with some heavy punches.

From my business, to my personal life, the full emotional spectrum copped a bashing. Amidst it all, a few times, the past decided to show up to the party unexpectedly. You know, just to make things REALLY fun…

One thing the entire experience served to show, was that regardless of how seemingly bad things got, or how often the past resurfaced, threatening to impose itself and pull me back, it never failed to open new pathways. 

Often unexpected ones.

Arriving at these pathways never happened in the same way.
Sometimes I had the faintest inkling to follow and was clutching at threads to get there. Other times I had doors flung wide open with the most obvious indicators pointing at me and urging me through. Regardless of how it was presented, it was a reminder to never make assumptions. At any moment, things can turn. It’s important to stay open to the possibilities the Universe serves to deliver. Even if sometimes they come in the guise of blows. 

Are you about to step into a new year, with a lingering area of the past, threatening to steal YOUR future?

It could be something subtle, and seemingly insignificant, or, it could be something glaringly obvious, flashing at you in bright signs and neon lights…

Or…it may even be something as simple as YOU, being tested and challenged with patterns of the past re-surfacing, in an effort to uncover just how much you are willing to LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND…

I hope, whatever it is, you don’t let it overshadow the future picture beaming ahead and all the newness it’s trying to bring your way. Because THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT BABY, and letting the past threaten to steal it is: 


May the next decade be your best one yet.

Sending you all an enormity of love and well wishes as we come to the close of 2019 and step forward into a brand new decade. Thank you, always, for being part of the journey together with me…

Love Paula x