Dear Multi-Passionate Creatives

One of the first questions I was asked by my incredible friend Amy Schadt was:

Paula, how are you playing BIG in your life?

It was a good question and right now, from where I’m sitting, it was a pretty easy one to answer.

What it reminded me though, was that just a few years back, I would’ve completely struggled with a response, because at the time, I wasn’t playing big. 

Not in my personal lIfe and certainly not in my professional life. 

You’ll hear my response, and the response of the incredible guest speakers that have been invited to join and impart their knowledge, story and wisdom to be shared with those of you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE in her amazing online summit: The Unstoppable You: How to get out of your own way, break through barriers, and create the freedom to play big!

Amy’s vision is to use the power of story to speak about the moments in life that create change and growth. These moments are often messy but poignant and have the ability to create the freedom to play BIG and become unstoppable. This very special event has been designed by Amy to support men and women who are facing that cross-roads or transition point in their life right now.

Whether you might be thinking of finally pursuing your Passion and doing what you LOVE, listening to that voice teling you to GO FOR IT, or wanting to feel confident about making decisions that you know will help you move forward, but are nervous about taking the next step, this online summit is an absolute MUST and I have a complimentary ticket just for YOU! 

It begins on March 9TH and you can register HERE!!

Those who register get access to a very special gift that I’m offering designed to help YOU become completely unstoppable!

Amy will have expert speakers joining her in the area of: relationships, coaching, business, health & wellness coming together, especially for this series.

Here are just some of stories these guest speakers will be sharing with you: 

  • A Wall Street professional who chose happiness over societal expectations of success.
  • A TedX speaker who put down anger and found freedom in graditude.
  • A mom who gave up perfection to help heal her son.
  • A husband who battled depression and suicide then created a movement to encourage men to express their emotions.
  • A professional musician who walked away from the stage after realizing she was not being authentic.
  • A Somatic Sexologist who came to accept and love herself after years of putting her body through rigorous diet and exercise.

I can’t wait to see YOU become UNSTOPPABLE

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Much love,

P.S: If you’d like to join us, click HERE to register