Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

I felt like sharing some things you might not know about me:

“I had this big gaping hole, suddenly in my life and THAT was really daunting…”
“Being in the lowest part of my life is what lead to the greatest breakthrough…”
“When you are on the brink of change, it means that ALL options are WIDE OPEN…”
“Geez, I nearly missed out on ALL of this, because I was too scared to TAKE THE NEXT STEP…”
“The life that I was living, was a pretty damn cushy life, but it was NOT MY LIFE…”
“ I would take the struggle that I’ve experienced ANY DAY of the week, than go back to the auto-pilot life that I was living…”
“When I got back to Melbourne, EVERYTHING was in the rubble…”
“If you’re wanting to star something new, don’t feel it has to be an ALL or NOTHING kind of affair…”
“That fear ALWAYS creeps up, and it’s there to alert you to the fact that: ‘this means A LOT’…”
When you make the decision to pursue your passion, you have to TRUST more than anything, that the Universe HAS GOT YOUR BACK…”

A little snippet of my incredible conversation with the amazing Amy Tan.

Hugely grateful at the opportunity to be a guest on her inspiring: Craft A Life You Love podcast.

THANK YOU to Amy for taking the time to share my story. Her insight, passion and heartfelt approach speaks volumes about her incredible success as a Creative Entrepreneur.
Below is just some of what you’ll hear in this episode:

  •   How I got started as an entrepreneur
  •  My experience with starting to experience anxiety and walking away from everything
  • Deciding to pursue my passion for writing
  • My advice for someone stuck in a rut or in a transition period
  • Why you need to take chances that are presented to you and embrace changes
  • How I figured out I had anxiety and my tips for overcoming the worry
  • Shifting my relationship with anxiety and how this has helped me to face my fears
  • How I discovered my passion for writing
  • Using writing to uncover past fears and map out intentions for where I want to go
  • Why something NOT working out was the BEST thing that happened to me
  •  Finding my mentor and how this helped my business
  • My experience of putting together creative retreats
  • Making the decision to trust my INNER VOICE

Click HERE to listen. 

I’d love to know what you thought of the episode, reach out directly and share your feedback with me:

Love Paula x