To a most inspiring and passionate community,

For those of you who might be feeling the need for some urgent creative sustenance, who might be feeling these last few months have battered you around a little too much, who feel the need to connect in a group setting with other like-minded passionate people, to exchange ideas, or re-inspire the ones that you’ve neglected, AND especially for those of you who have felt, more than anything, that tiny spark that’s been calling you for this urgent push to change, I wanted to invite you to something.

For 4 weeks – starting October 5TH, the Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion workshop will be offered for the very first time, as a live, group online course.

This is a chance for those of you who love the combination of being in a workshop environment, but where you also have the unique opportunity of a group mentoring experience together with me.

Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion is for those of you feeling stuck, wanting to connect with your passion, but might be terrified or uncertain of how to take the next step. It came after experiencing my own personal cross-roads of change a few years back, that led to me finally pursuing my passion and launching Mediterranean Wanderer after being terrified to take the next steps for 15 years of my life.

Using the writing process, and a combination of audio, visual cues and specific creative tasks, we focus on the very areas holding you back creatively, personally and professionally from doing what you love and how to harness your own skills and strengths to get unstuck.

This is DEFINITELY for you if:

  • You want to feel inspired
  • You want to explore what it means to do what you love
  • You want to stop feeling STUCK and TRUST yourself more
  • You want to find your Voice and have the courage to be heard
  • Are feeling “there’s something more” but don’t feel confident taking that next step
  • You want to connect with other inspiring creatives that you feel are speaking YOUR language
  • You want to create a life with more purpose
  • You are sick and tired of your Inner Critic taking over your life

This year has certainly triggered some major change for all of us. More than anything, it’s also triggered this sense of urgency, especially to those who were already feeling like they were facing a cross-roads of change. Globally hitting the pause button on our lives, has amplified for many of us, that urgency to shift or to prioritise what’s most important for ourselves.

Any creative outlet has a powerful way of inspiring great change. A group setting provides a dynamic experience that allows you to feel and connect with others and gives you a sense of confidence and comfort that you are not alone. It’s a chance to explore what you LOVE, to connect with your passion, find direction, clarity and give you a little nudge in the right direction.

To register your interest and learn more about what’s included in the four-week live sessions and entire course content,

Would love to have you join us,

Paula x