“Blowing up something is not a bad thing.
And there are many different ways to get to an end result. 
In some cases it may mean that you need to blow everything up in order to be reconnected with the very thing that YOU KNEW is what you wanted to do. Other times it may just happen seamlessly and organically and without any major trauma, drama or distraction. 
There’s no wrong or right way… 

We are all driven by our own core nature. 

There is something very powerful about connecting with our own voice. And I think that each of us knows that moment when we are being “called” towards something. And you can’t ignore that. Everybody knows that moment. Even if it’s the tinniest whisper, you will have that internal knowing that calls you. 

There’s many different ways to connect with pursuing a life that you’re passionate about and that you love. The first most critical step is honouring and listening to that internal voice, and being clear on what it’s telling you. You don’t have to know all the exact pieces in that moment. The very first step you need to do is to tune in to what that voice is saying.
The minute you tune in, you start to allow other pathways that you don’t even know are happening, start to take shape…” 

we are tank, We Are Tank & Mediterranean Wanderer Interview: Facing Transitions, Starting From Scratch & Following Your Passion...

Dear Passionate Creatives,

This is just a snippet of the conversation I had the chance to take part in with the incredible Kelly Covert, as a guest on her wonderful podcast: In Her Voice.

Kelly’s podcast is “created for the woman who feels pulled to more, to lead, to create to dream and to be a world changer…” Her guests are passionate entrepreneurs who share their wisdom and passion on living a life you love.
I feel deeply honoured to be included amongst them and share this piece in our interview together.

I hope as you listen, it serves to remind you the enormity of how transformational it can be when we make the decision to listen to our gut, connect with our passion, trust our voice and take the path that calls us saying: “This Way…”

It lit me up hearing it again.
I hope it inspires that creative spark and passion in YOU!
To hear our full interview, CLICK HERE

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Can’t wait to meet,
Paula x