Dear Mediterranean Wanderer

My first reaction when I got the invitation to present as a guest speaker at the upcoming Every Woman Expo in Perth, was to absolutely shriek in delight!

The opportunity to come and speak on a topic that is so passionate to me, and present to a large festival audience, meant the chance to share with other like-minded women on a subject that I know intimately. And mostly, that I know is a topic that a lot of women are questioning and experiencing for their own selves.

Either through facing transitions and being at the cross-roads of change, or because circumstances have meant that the nagging voice they’ve been ignoring for so long, has finally reared its head and has forced them into a corner and to make a decision about WHAT TO DO NEXT.

I know that place well. It was the corner I was facing for a good 15 years of my life, before being pushed into making a decision to change. One that absolutely terrified me. But one that also, would never have allowed me this very experience, had I NOT gone there.

Perth, Western Australia, photo via Every Woman Expo

I am absolutely thrilled to be invited as a guest speaker and share my Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion presentation at one of the largest and most renowned women’s events in the country, attracting thousands, the incredible Every Woman Expo in Perth this month.

I was lucky enough to be in this beautiful city just two years back, hosting and facilitating my Empower Your Voice workshop to an incredible group of women. Hugely grateful at the chance to be coming back and sharing to a massive festival audience as a guest speaker.

Looking forward to joining the incredible line up of presenters and sharing all about what happens when we make the decision to get unstuck, trust our voice, pursue our passion and dare to take the next step on the path that is calling us saying: “This Way…”

Can’t wait to meet the fabulous women as part of this inspiring event and teach them just THAT!

For those of you in Perth looking to take away some inspiration, insight, be amongst a brilliant audience of like-minded women, then you can join us from FRIDAY 26TH UNTIL SUNDAY 28TH MARCH, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

CLICK HERE for full details

Hope to see you there Perth!

Paula x