“ROAM is the magical space where Hero Sisters share their global gypsy stories, reveal why they created sanctuaries in far flung lands, impart secret information on their favourite places, embolden you with their passions and inspirations, and even help you to pack for your next journey…” Rafti Raftopoulos, Hero Sisters


Dear Passionate Creatives,

When you make decisions that inspire change, so much else comes along for the ride and changes with it. From the people that enter your life, to the ones that leave, and that feeling of knowing you are heading in a very different direction to where you were ever heading before…

On this journey, you meet all kinds of kindred spirits.

The amazing Rafti Raftopoulos is one such kindred sprit that I am very lucky to know.

The first thing she said to me when we met for the very first time at a bustling boutique eatery in the middle of Ubud, Bali a little over a year ago, was: “I was hoping we weren’t going to end up talking about the weather…”

“As if there was ever a chance of that happening…”I offered back.

There’s a second before you meet someone in person for the first time, where you hope the impression they evoke and what you sense, stays true to the person you meet in real life. Meeting Rafti fulfilled that promise in its entirety.

Rafti is a unique soul, a passionate creative. Before the world shut down, this wandering spirit would divide her time between Bali and Morocco, having made a home with one foot in each place.

Rafti, of the ROAM series & Hero Sisters

Her entrepreneurial side and innovative nature, inspires many creative passions – namely her bustling jewellery empire – Hero Sisters. As part of this business, Rafti celebrates creative entrepreneurs through her blog series Roam and in growing her ever-expanding tribe of inspirational Hero Sisters from right across the world, she recently invited me to share my thoughts on the Roam series. Our interview is a deep-dive into facing transitions, pursuing your passion and daring to take leaps when they call us, and the beauty of travelling to far off distant lands.

Being in Rafti’s company is nothing short of inspiring. And the experience of sharing my journey in our interview for Roam is a constant reminder of the entire world I would have completely closed myself off too – the inspirational people I never would have met, the paths that would never have been crossed, had I NOT gone down this track.

Having profiled both myself and her amazing sister Francesca for this particular series, Rafti shares this about us:

“These two women are inspiring in very different ways for me. They are strong, creative, empowering women who facilitate others to grow and become their authentic selves while at the same time flourishing themselves…”

You can read my full interview on Rafti’s Roam series HERE

To connect with Rafti and learn more about her stunning jewellery, click HERE

Much Love and deep gratitude to Rafti for this feature..

To those dipping in to read, I hope it whisks you away, if only for a brief moment…

Enjoy, Paula x