Dear Passionate Creatives,

There are only ever TWO decisions presented to us whenever we are given a window of opportunity:

  1. We take a deep dive and jump right in
  2. We pause mid-flight, hesitate and do NOTHING

The invitation was to present at one of the largest women’s events in the country over on the West Coast of Australia – the Every Woman Expo in Perth for the weekend of the 26TH to the 28TH of March.

At the time, I hadn’t been out of my own state in about 12 months.

After shrieking in excitement and jumping up and down at the opportunity, I suddenly took a giant PAUSE and stopped myself in my tracks.

Suddenly, the conversation with myself started:
“Paula – WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Can you even GET to Perth right now…?”

Border closures across Australia were still subject to snap lockdowns. The situation between my state in Victoria on the East Coast, and Perth in Western Australia, meant that any visitors coming from Victoria were still under intense scrutiny and had to self isolate for 14 days OR spend 14 days in a “green zone” state.

So here’s the situation.

I could’ve done one of three things:

  1. Sulked, feeling defeated and thinking: ”It’s too hard, better luck next time”
  2. Waited until the very last minute to book my flights for Perth and hope to God that restrictions eased
  3. Put my thinking cap on – phone a friend, and see where I could POSSIBLY spend 14 days in another state to get to Perth.

I chose to NOT take the defeatist option.
I chose to NOT trust that borders would suddenly and miraculously open up.

The first phone call I made was met with the following response:

“Paula – I am going to be away for the entire time that YOU need to be here! Book your ticket and get yourself over here ASAP, YOU ARE GETTING TO THAT EVENT – YOU ARE GOING TO PERTH”.

The dear soul who gave me the GREENLIGHT to get to Perth, who opened up her home to me in beautiful Byron Bay in NSW (which also happens to be my old hometown of 8 years), who trusted me in her personal space, lent me her car, allowed me access to her belongings, and provided the most nurturing, comforting and restorative abode I could possibly have asked for during my 14 days in a “green zone state” while she was AWAY, is NOT someone I have known all my life. Nor is she a family member. She’s NOT someone I see or speak to every day.

This DEAR soul is a most incredible woman who I had the VERY good fortune to meet when she joined my Creative Retreat to the beautiful Greek island of Serifos in 2018.  

The thing about pursuing your passion, is that it opens up enormous experiences. From the kinds of people you meet, to the types of relationships you forge, to the fact that your clients, who you met as complete strangers, become your TREASURED friends.

I was given the most unexpected GREENLIGHT to go forward with my invitation because of THAT relationship. Because of THAT experience together in Greece. Because when you are doing what you love, the way you engage, present and observe the world around you, shifts in its entirety, as do the people that are invited INTO YOUR LIFE.

Grateful to the incredible and super talented Jess Mester for that invitation.

And GRATEFUL to the incredible team behind Every Woman Expo in Perth, for the opportunity to be invited and present amongst an inspiring line up of guest speakers, sharing my Empower Your Voice and Live Your Passion presentation on the two days I was scheduled to speak during that weekend.

When you get a window of opportunity, there are only two decisions to be made.

I HOPE you are forever being inspired to take the one that thrills you in excitement, that terrifies you at your core, and that you KNOW if you turn your back on it, it will be the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE…

Those windows are there for the taking.

Jump IN!

Love Paula

p.s: If you’re feeling curious to know what it might be like to JUMP, then you can schedule your own personal 1-1 Empower Your Voice, Power Session with me. This is a chance to connect and design your unique Road Map to empower you with the confidence to take your NEXT STEP.
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