“Feeling stuck is your arrival point at being shown that it’s time for you to change direction…”

When one of my favourite women’s organisations Business Chicks Australia reached out to tell me a feature I’d submitted was going to be published on their platform, the news hit me quite unexpectedly.

From a bunch of headline options I’d sent across, there was one stand out that I was asked to write about: “Why Feeling Stuck is the Best Thing That Could Happen To You…”

I finished it in a heartbeat.

Not because I felt overly confident, or certain that I’d be able to punch out over a thousand words for the piece “no problem”, but because this is a topic, that I know the experience of going through, very intimately. I’d sidled up against being stuck, and settled myself there for a good 15 years before making the decision to change.

It was the ultimate compliment to then be told, by one of the largest women’s organisations globally, that they were interested in running my story, and that it’d be sent out to their entire community.

I hope, for those of you who decide on reading it, who might be in this exact situation of feeling stuck right now, that it offers a kind of reminder, and a little encouragement, that when it comes to matters of the heart, specifically relating to making huge decisions you’re terrified to make, that regardless of the outcome, you can NEVER actually lose..

Because what you get in the process of finally listening to that voice urging you in the direction you know you MOST want to go, is actually an end to your internal conflict and torment.
In that moment, you have finally set yourself free of your own entrapment.

I hope for those feeling a little unsettled, that it offers some ease, comfort and gives you some tools and insight about how to navigate where you’re treading..

Read the full feature HERE

Thank you Business Chicks Australia for the opportunity to share a part of my story with you…

A huge compliment.
A great privilege.