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I partner with the world’s best wellness retreats, creative leaders and entrepreneurs to deliver impactful and inspirational workshops and presentations for their audience and team. Participants take away insights that enhance and empower the way they lead in their professional life, personal life and creative life.

about the mediterranean wanderer

And the story so far…

I had the perfect life. The perfect partner and all the security and stability you could imagine.

On the outside, it looked idyllic…

On the inside, a huge chunk of the puzzle was missing…

What was this taunting void in my life that nagged and wouldn’t go away…? Passion. I’d lost my passion and derailed from doing what I love.

A series of events set some major personal life transitions in motion. I packed up 8 years of life in my idyllic home and closed the door on an 11-year relationship.

Terrified and nursing heartache, I took the very first steps in the direction of my passion.

Facing fear, doubt and uncertainty led me to experiencing one of the greatest breakthroughs I could have possibly imagined. It shot me back to life.

I haven’t looked back since.

Diving head first into my passions, I became reacquainted with the very things that have been closest to my heart – my greatest loves are…Writing, Travel, Creativity and using this as a framework to share with others what happens when we dare to listen to that voice calling us.

That’s where Mediterranean Wanderer started.

Since changing direction, things haven’t quite been the same.

I’m more inclined to pursue the things that scare me, I pay more attention to the things that don’t feel right, and I trust the direction my passion wants to take me, because of the opportunities it’s opened up.

I’ve worked as a professional writer for international magazine Get Lost, Melbourne Writers Festival, Broadsheet and countless others. I’ve nurtured my love affair for food, hosting culinary tours across Melbourne for renowned television presenter Maeve O’Meara. I’ve taken women to the most extraordinary Greek islands as a tribute to my Greek heritage, in an effort to uncover their passion and empower their voice through my bespoke retreats. I’ve presented as a guest speaker to a packed out audience at renowned Australian event Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane and Sydney. I share my knowledge as a presenter at some of the most highly acclaimed Wellness Retreats in Australia and have been a guest expert on international summits, empowering participants to transform their lives.

Journeying to Greece is an extension of uncovering my heritage and the platform for hosting my bespoke retreats. If you choose to join me in Greece, then you can expect our travels together to be the vehicle for you to experience the greatest degree of nourishment, creativity, immersion and the chance to explore like a local, visiting some of my most treasured places, known only to a fortunate few.

As a guest speaker and facilitator, I like to take an unconventional approach. I use my creative tools and passion for the Mediterranean to engage with my audience and offer a complete sensory immersion of my presentation. I love challenging others to get outside their comfort zone. Expect to laugh, be challenged, walk away feeling inspired, learn about yourself in a way that surprises you, explore questions that’ll shift your perspective and most importantly, take away insights that will serve to enhance the way you lead in your professional life, personal life and creative life.

Whether I’m presenting, hosting or facilitating, it’s the connection to who you are that intrigues me most. Our passion is always speaking to us and suggests so much about ourselves, I’d love to learn more about yours.

When we are operating from our most authentic selves, when we are truly aligned with the very thing that thrills us, is when we are operating from our highest frequency and our greatest potential. Offering a happiness and drive in our life we’ve never experienced before and setting our creative compass in the right direction. This is the conversation I love to share with those who are facing transitions, who are feeling stuck, who have lost their voice and don’t believe they have the ability to take the next step. I know that woman well, she used to be me and I know there are countless others out there confronted with feeling exactly the same. 


x paula

about the mediterranean wanderer