cultivating confidence and trusting your voice


Trusting your Voice is about trusting You. The Writing Practice, like any Creative Craft can make us feel challenged. This Workshop has been created to help you regain your confidence, learn to access more of it and begin taking the next step toward a more fulfilling Writing Practice. Confidence comes from recognising what’s holding you back and being prepared to let go of old habits. It’s time to reclaim your Voice and make yourself heard.

Reconnecting with my craft has led me to live a life with passion and develop a successful career doing what I love. Taking action can sometimes be a long, drawn out process, laden with excuses. I’ve been there, I’ve gotten stuck, I’ve felt the frustration of moving through it. It’s not comfortable. But breaking through it brings the greatest rewards, reconnecting us to our most authentic selves and living more enriched lives. Whether it’s starting a sentence or submitting an article to an editor, our time together is about breaking patterns, developing your skills and harnessing your Voice.

an overview

Our time together will be spent unlocking your confidence as a writer and learning to trust your better judgment. Through the support of different techniques and practical exercises, we will explore how our journey and personal narrative is essential in supporting a rich Writing Practice and is the key component in producing our best work. This Workshop is designed to inspire and nurture the creative process in a supportive and intimate setting.

who is this for?

Our creativity seems to make it last on our to-do-list, yet it brings us so much happiness. What’s holding you back from taking action? Is it a lack of confidence? Feeling uninspired or the sense of facing complete overwhelm each time you sit down to write? Regardless of where we’re at on our journey, the process of coming back to our craft can often be a challenging one. Our purpose is to develop a more fulfilling Writing Practice and connect us to what we love. This Workshop is designed to support those who are:

  • Looking to break old habits in order to enhance their craft
  • Would like to eventually be published but are struggling to find their Voice
  • Have lost Trust in their ability
  • Are afraid to put pen to paper
  • Stalling the process of starting through countless excuses
  • Writing enthusiasts eager to develop a more engaged writing practice for their personal use or social media
  • Those feeling held back by their internal Critic
  • Those looking for inspiration to ignite their passion
  • Looking to break old habits in order to enhance their craft

 about me

I lost my way for a big chunk of time pursuing a life I wasn’t happy with. It took me 15 years to come back to my passion, reconnect with my Writing and follow my heart. Fear, lack of Confidence and Trust derailed me from what I really wanted to do – WRITE! Taking a risk and stepping outside my comfort zone was one of the most confronting and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I could never go back to my old life. Writing has led me to creating a life that brings me happiness and inspires me daily. It’s been the greatest lesson in recognizing that if we learn to Trust enough and abandon our fears we can completely transform our lives.

Writing has completely opened up my world. I’ve written for countless publications including international travel magazine Get Lost, health and wellness publication Nourish, esteemed dining and entertaining publication Broadsheet and countless private clients.

I love helping others realise what an enriching Writing Practice means and how it can support them to live a life with Passion.


 what you can expect from our day

  • Setting our intentions for the day
  • Meeting our Creative Scoundrels
  • Writing Practicums designed to support your practice and develop Confidence
  • Tips on learning to develop Trust in yourself and harness your Voice
  • Finding your Passion – what makes your heart sing?
  • Practical exercises designed to help unlock the creative process and make you unstuck
  • Harnessing our Skills & Knowledge and how to effectively apply this to our work
  • Accessing inspiration and applying this to what you love
  • Group discussion
  • One-on-one feedback at the end of our session


All writing materials, writing practicums and the opportunity for one-on-one time at the end of our session. This workshop is available for groups or exclusively as a private booking.



xo paula