Bespoke Retreats

I collaborate with some of the best creative leaders, facilitating bespoke creative retreats to the Greek islands. Our time away empowers participants to connect with their passion, become inspired and achieve transformative breakthroughs. Whether you’re an organisation wanting to create an inspirational leadership getaway for your team, or an individual wanting to immerse in the wonder and beauty, I’d love to show you my Greece and work with you! Connect with me to learn more about the experiences I can host for you or your group.


Journeying to Greece is an extension of uncovering my heritage and the platform for hosting my bespoke retreats. If you choose to join me in Greece, then you can expect our travels together to be the vehicle for you to experience the greatest degree of nourishment, creativity, immersion and the chance to explore like a local, visiting some of my most treasured places, known only to a fortunate few.

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