Will this be your year to Emerge…?

I am super excited to release my upcoming September Retreat – Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escape to the Greek islands.
Set on one of the most breathtakingly beautiful islands in the heart of the Mediterranean, the stunning Serifos. With its picturesque villages made up of whitewashed homes, cobblestone streets, gorgeous beaches and unique artisanal food producers, Serifos is a rare authentic beauty. An island that serves to nurture the heart and feed the soul. What would it take for you to Emerge? Who would you need to become? How would your life change if you did? Would it mean finally taking the steps to follow your life’s path? Would it mean embracing your passion or having the courage to Trust yourself to live the life you love? Would it mean ridding yourself of tired excuses and finally having the confidence to Emerge into your greatest Potential?

In an intimate setting of just 10 guests, staying in our own exclusive Cycladic-styled seaside Villas, this very special Retreat is all about YOU. With the rugged jewel of the Mediterranean as our canvas, our time together is designed to inspire, deepen and enhance your creative expression. It’s about awakening the senses, taking time in nature to reflect, restore and evolve your creativity. Setting our intentions, whether it is cultivating areas of your personal life, professional or creative life, my role is to help you achieve your goal using the vehicle of writing and a tailored itinerary that serves to nurture and maximize what you need to develop during our time together – even if your intention is as simple as having more joy in your life. With the stunning Mediterranean as our backdrop, this is a chance to unlock your creative passion and reflect and gain a new perspective in the way you look at yourself and the world. It’s an opportunity to harness your skills and strengths, in order to connect with yourself, develop trust in your abilities, clear up old attitudes and focus on your creative confidence to find your inner voice and unique style for your passion. It’s a chance to be immersed in the magic of island life, to relax and take time out for you. It’s connecting with an inspiring, likeminded tribe, as you explore travels through the stunning landscape and dive into pristine waters while sailing through the beautiful Mediterranean. It’s feeling the wind in your hair, while savouring the beauty, joy and simplicity of island life, with laughter, fun and creating treasured memories to last a lifetime…

About the retreat

Over 6 days, we will be based on the stunning Aegean island of Serifos. The purpose of our time together is to allow complete surrender and be inspired by the magic of this amazing island. To let it nurture and support your intention and enhance your Creative Vision and Purpose.A private vehicle will transport us while we explore stunning scenic locations, visit artisanal producers and local artists, get spoilt with our own private boat trip, have swims in beautiful bays and indulge in delicious lunches and dinners.During this time you will harness your skills and confidence with writing practicums and inspirational material that is designed to support and guide you to trust your better judgment in approaching your creativity, develop greater confidence in yourself and bring your personal narrative to your craft. This retreat is an opportunity to recharge, surrender to the elements and immerse the senses through my hands-on support and exclusive facilitation. Our creative material will be sourced from our travels on the island, gatherings at the table and the food prepared for our meals. Did I forget to mention sun-kissed skin, feeling blissful after a days swim in the Aegean and that feeling of not-needing-to-worry-about-what’s-happening-next because it’s all been done for you?

Who is this for?

It’s for those who wish to nurture and restore themselves in the beauty of the Mediterranean while indulging in village living. Enjoy great food, wine and explore the island of Serifos. For those looking to enhance their creativity and life through intention, writing and a deeper connection with themselves. Passionate souls who love beauty and want to be in the company of like-minded creatives…Those who dare to dream and want the chance to be immersed and inspired through a unique experience…Those who are seeking to extend and enrich themselves in both their personal life and professional life and let go of attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve them…Aspiring creatives who want to feel more confident in their craft and themselves, peel back the layers and blocks to access their own unique inner voice. Those who want to have more trust in their abilities to create stronger engagement with their message for their business or personal use so their work stands out…No previous creative or writing skills are needed. This is a chance to step forward in your life, overcome your creative and personal frustrations, feel inspired, meet a new tribe of like-minded women to forge lifelong friendships and enjoy a heap of fun and laughter while you dance the Zorba under silver moonlight!

Retreat dates

This Retreat has already happened

Retreat cost

6-day retreat costs: from 3200 EURO

Deposit: 1000 EURO
13 July 2018: 1000 EURO
15 August 2018: Remainder of balance due


  • Private residence at two exclusive seaside Villas
  • All transportation during retreat
  • All activities during retreat
  • 6 Breakfasts and 5 dinners plus 5 lunch
  • 5-Day writing & creative practicums, all material and instructions by published writer Paula Hagiefremidis
  • Group discussions on Intention, Trust and Harnessing your Voice

Does not include airfare, personal health travel insurance or personal expenses

About the Facilitator & Host

Launching Mediterranean Wanderer has led me to live a life with passion and develop a successful career doing what I love. Facilitating bespoke Workshops and Creative Retreats to the Greek islands, interviewing inspiring creatives that have changed their lives and supporting others in stepping forward to trust their Voice and become their best selves is a rewarding practice that inspires and challenges me daily. It’s been the greatest lesson in recognizing that if we learn to Trust enough and abandon our fears we can completely transform our lives.
Taking action can sometimes be a long, drawn out process, laden with excuses. I’ve been there, I’ve gotten stuck, I’ve felt the frustration of moving through it. It’s not comfortable. But breaking through brings the greatest rewards, reconnecting us to our most authentic selves and living more enriched lives. As a published writer, I’ve written for countless publications including international travel magazine Get Lost, health and wellness publication Nourish, esteemed dining and entertaining publication Broadsheet and countless private clients. As a facilitator, I love nothing more than using the vehicle of Creativity to help others recognise what it means to have the courage to step forward how it can support them to live a life with Passion and follow their heart.

An Overview


Day 1
  • Arrival on the Island & guest transfers to your own Private Villa
  • Welcome Gathering
  • Introductions & Greek Meze + Local Wine
  • Emerging from the inside out – Setting our intentions and vision for this period. Harnessing your Unique Voice and understanding how to shape and direct this through the creative medium of writing. I share my story, experiences and explain the importance of stepping forward .
  • Late afternoon swim at the beautiful Psili Ammos bay, located directly on your front doorstep.
  • Communal Mediterranean homemade dinner prepared for us in the Villa.
Day 2
  • Morning Journaling
  • Homemade breakfast prepared for you at your Villa
  • Writing Practicums – ABOUT VOICE: Exploring your inherent expression & signature and the importance of authenticity in our creative expression. Harnessing the strength of your Voice and communicating with confidence
  • LETS GET UNSTUCK: Exploring and confronting our Personal & Creative Roadblocks that are holding us back from moving forward right now
  • Group Discussion
  • Exclusive wine tasting and appreciation at the prestigious local wine producer of Serifos. We have a private tour of their gorgeous property and sample some of the best wine on the island
  • Afternoon swim at the beautiful Kalo Ampeli beach
  • Dinner and exploring in the stunning town of Chora (bring your camera!)
Day 3
  • Morning Journaling
  • Homemade breakfast prepared for you at your Villa
  • Writing Practicums – OUR VISION = OUR PASSION: What does your Creative and Personal Vision for your life look like? Getting clear on your WHY?
  • MEETING OUR INTERNAL CRITIC – who or what is your Internal Critic and what is it stopping you from achieving and experiencing of your full potential? Awareness of our habits and patterns
  • Group Discussion
  • Visit to local ceramic artists and stunning boutique homewares retailer
  • Cheese tasting with one of the best local cheese producers on the island – we have an exclusive tour of their stunning property and learn what makes their cheese so unique
  • Afternoon swim in the beautiful Platis Gialos
  • Exploring the town of Livadakia. Sunset drinks overlooking the port before an authentic communal dinner at the village taverna
Day 4
  • Morning Journaling
  • Breakfast at the Villa
  • Writing Practicums – Developing Trust & Harnessing Your Voice: Exploring the tools you need to cultivate new patterns to support your creative and personal pursuits
  • Trusting Our Passion – recognising the value of stepping forward and aligning ourselves with the creative and personal pursuits we wish to cultivate
  • Group Discussion
  • Scenic boat tour of the island including lunch and swim
  • Rustic dinner in the local village
Day 5
  • Morning Journaling
  • Breakfast at the Villa
  • Final Writing Practicum: Bringing the threads of our Intention and Creative Vision together. Harnessing the value of our skills and abilities in order to implement our Intention.
  • Local traditional honey tasting session – renowned for its healing properties, Serifos has some of the best honey in the Mediterranean. An opportunity to sample and take some home
  • Visit to the stunning 17thcentury fortified Moni Taxiarhon, with its impressive 18thcentury frescoes.
  • Visit to the cave of Kyklopas, where it is believed that the mythological giant Cyclops once roamed.
  • Afternoon swim at the picturesque bay of Ganema.
  • Final Group Discussion: Practical tips on how to cultivate your new skills, strengths and knowledge moving forward. Harnessing our skills and knowledge and how to effectively apply this to our work
  • Farewell Dinner at the house – a rustic, homemade feast with local wine to celebrate our final night.
Day 6
  • Farewell Morning, communal breakfast at the Villa transfers for departure.
  • Optional early morning swim at the beautiful Psili Ammos bay on your front doorstep
  • Free time to explore and share group discussion.

*(subject to modification)

“It’s a little hard to put the Emerge Retreat into words and describe it in a way that does it justice. What Paula has created with her retreats and how much she puts into them is something truly special.  The retreat was set in breathtaking Serifos but it’s because of Paula and her unique touch she brings to everything that we really got to see and experience the full magic of this island and all it has to offer. There was not a single thing in the whole week that wasn’t lovingly and carefully put together to ensure that we all got to immerse ourselves in the beauty the island offers and leave with our creative cups full!

Without knowing it, the retreat was everything I had been needing as I was closing chapters and making changes in my life; this was the perfect middle ground and catalyst to rejuvenate, get inspired and step forward with more clarity and zest to begin the next.  The week was the perfect mix of  exploring rugged and raw coastlines, looking forward to every meal with some of the best food I have ever tasted, spending time with locals who took us in as if we were family, adventures ( shenanigans!!) while exploring the local towns and most importantly  (for me) it was full of conversations, teachings and explorations that were full of depth, heart and soul. A space that was lovingly held and facilitated by Paula that allowed me to gently see all that I needed to see as to where I was holding myself back, current blockages to my creativity and what I truly want to be doing and experiencing at this point of my life beyond my own limitations. And these honest, beautiful conversations, adventures and laughs all got to be shared with a small group of incredible women with whom friendships and support circles have been made for life.

It was the perfect set up and setting to be able to explore, understand, immerse and watch as new ideas start to develop. And things do start to change after a retreat like this, they can’t not! Within a few days of leaving the Island, new ideas and plans were flourishing and being actioned quickly and a month later, while at times making big changes are definitely  challenging, there’s a clear direction I know I’m heading in and I know this wouldn’t have happened without having gone on this retreat.

I sat on the sideline for a little while wondering if the time was right to go on the retreat, could I really take this time for myself right now… blah blah blah. It seems ridiculous now, there was something that kept resonating and calling me and there was really no chance I was never not coming but I’m so glad I finally listened. I can’t imagine having missed out on the magic ( a cliché word but really, when you spend most of the week in awe of what you’re experiencing there’s not much else you can say) that was our retreat. Paula is one incredible woman with a heart of pure gold and her retreats are a giant extension of this – Thank you Paula for a week that has truly changed my life and for memories that will be cherished forever. I am so incredibly grateful… and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year xx” –Jess M

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