Thank You So Much For Registering! Here’s What’s Next…

Thank you for registering your interest for Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion 4 week Program, I would love to have you join us

Starting October 5TH AEDT, the course will run each Monday over 4-weeks for approximately 2-hours per session, conducted live, via Zoom. All sessions will be pre-recorded in the event you are unable to attend on a particular day. You will receive a Zoom link ahead of each session to access the call.

This is for those of you feeling you’re at the cross-roads of change or who want to explore your passion in more depth and haven’t quite given yourself the opportunity. Or you may be feeling uninspired and a little battered by events in 2020 and are wanting to fill your cup and reconnect with your passion and creativity. This program is designed to give you the confidence to find your voice, connect with your passion, harness your skills and strengths and, by the end of our 4 weeks together, have you feeling ready to take the next steps towards doing what you love.

Over the 4 weeks we will be covering topics that will include: connecting with your passion, trusting your voice, getting unstuck, harnessing your skills and strengths, understanding what your Inner Critic is really trying to tell you, and most importantly, how to turn your biggest Fear into your greatest asset.

There will be a combination of writing exercises, along with audio and visual cues designed to inspire questions, give you a chance to self-reflect, have fun, crack open your creative wellspring and move through the areas holding you back creatively, personally and professionally from doing what you love.

The live sessions will give you the best of both 1:1 mentoring with me and a workshop environment where you have the  chance to connect with other like-minded participants and to ask any questions that may come up during our time together. My approach as a facilitator and mentor, has always been to engage my audience. This is when the biggest breakthroughs happen. A group setting can be the most dynamic experience for this to take place as you have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded, passionate individuals.

In the past I’ve had participants from various professions join me – from corporate women eager to feel inspired and connect more with their creative passion, to florists, writers, photographers, interior designers, architects and business owners:

“I only wished I had come across the refreshing concepts and guidance from Paula as a young person. The workshop gave me the confidence to clear up old attitudes, inspired me to find my inner voice and helped me peel back the layers and internal blocks and have the confidence to explore my passion.– Sarah O – Empower Your Voice Workshop Participant, Melbourne

The total cost for the four-week lives sessions and entire course content is $197AUD.
As the live sessions will be recorded, this will be yours to keep permanently and refer back to whenever you need.

All participants who sign up receive your own special gift – the Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion hand-stitched Workbook. 

The Workbook is a tool designed for you to use after our time together is over. It’s an opportunity to continue moving through the questions and connecting with you passion, inspiring new opportunities, breaking patterns that no longer serve you and ensuring you continue doing what you love.

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Can’t wait to meet you,
Paula x