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Our words have the potential to engage, inspire and move people into action. The strongest and most successful authors, voices in business and on social media are the ones that are unique and inspire us because of their authenticity. They stand out, aren’t afraid to share what they feel and achieve instant connection with their community. We buy their services, listen to their message, read their books and follow their advice. To create strong engagement, what your audience wants and needs, is to hear your Voice.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your Writing or Creative practice? Are your personal barriers getting in the way of what you want to say? Do you struggle with confidence, connection and communicating with greater engagement? Are you feeling a lack of creative clarity, direction and depth?

In my one-on-one coaching package we cut straight to the heart of your specific needs. We delve into what’s stopping you from accomplishing your goal right now. It can be a drill down and fresh start for those who are already in business but have lost their way and need a fresh perspective. I can trouble-shoot your writing or creative passion if you want to learn specific techniques to help you get back on track. We can discuss where you are on your journey and where you want to go. If you are an amateur and want to fast track your skills or get some behind-the-scenes information about a career as a writer or developing a rewarding creative practice, I am an open book.

Connecting with our craft has to do with more than just understanding the nuts and bolts of our practice. It’s about being clear on what we want to say and sharpening our language to communicate our message in the most effective way.

If you are struggling with different aspects of your writing or creative practice and want to give it an overhaul or feel your skills, lack of clarity or confidence are holding you back from taking your work to the next level, I would love to help. I use my skills and knowledge as a published writer, facilitator and business owner to help you move forward with focus, confidence and accomplish what you want week by week with the right structure. Launching my business has led me to develop a successful career doing what I love. My greatest reward is helping others achieve the confidence in themselves and reconnecting them to their passion. Whether it’s starting a sentence or getting published, creating content for your business or social media, we’ll work together to set new habits and patterns to help you move forward, overcoming your frustrations and pursuing work you love.

what we cover

  • Reclaiming your Confidence
  • Connecting with your Voice
  • Developing your writing skills to create Engaging and Inspiring content
  • Connecting with your passions and applying this to your work and life
  • Breaking down the walls of your greatest personal barriers
  • Develop greater engagement with your audience
  • Moving through your biggest challenge when it comes to writing
  • Developing your skills in order to write with a clear and authentic Voice
  • Finding your Creative Mentors, who inspires you & Why?
  • Getting clear on your WHY? Bringing this Vision into the World
  • Weekly organizational structure to develop your writing and enhance your progress

“I only wished I had come across the refreshing concepts and guidance from Paula as a young person”

package details

  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • 5-Weekly Coaching sessions
  • 1st session 1-hour intensive
  • Follow-up sessions 50-minute weekly ( Zoom calls)
  • Access to inspirational videos and reading list designed to help support and direct your learning outcomes

“My biggest challenges coming into the workshop were lacking confidence in my abilities and feeling stuck and blocked in my writing. The workshop addressed my challenges through practical exercises that I found extremely helpful and formed a foundation for what I could do to keep up my practice at home. Strategies to refer to when I get stuck have already been helpful on a number of occasions! The timed exercises were fantastic and SO practical which is very refreshing in a workshop. The opportunity to share was also hugely beneficial for learning. I felt a safe and intimate space was created so I was able to step outside my comfort zone more easily. Slowly I began to see that with practice I COULD be creative and write with some depth. This workshop would be highly beneficial for people who need to write for their job, those who need some inspiration – a boost to make a leap into their writing path or small business owners who have to do it all!

I also appreciated the personal insight that you shared with us Paula, about your journey to where you are today. It was with heart and genuine intention to teach, share and help us. The whole day was just so magical and inspiring in so many ways. This was the best workshop I have ever attended. Thank you for giving so generously x”

Carla Barbieri – Inspiring Your Creative Flair Workshop Participant

“Knowledge is power and that was delivered by Paula and I give her full acknowledgment and respect. “

“My personal challenge was overcoming my doubts that I maybe wasn’t good enough to start my own thing – attending the workshop helped enormously in making me realise that I have a voice, that I can write authentically and time is running out to make a start! I also learnt very helpful tips to take better photographs. What resonated a lot was learning from you that the words are as important as the image.
You were an excellent facilitator Paula!  I loved the inspirational quotes you used, I really liked the way you set us creative writing tasks to a time frame and you managed us, our feedback and time really well!  What resonated with me was when you asked us ‘what is our Why?  I needed a reminder on this and it was really timely for me to make some positive changes in what I do.  I definitely felt more confident in my ‘voice’ after the day we spent together, I’ve learnt to trust and to realise that I have something to say that others will want to hear. Thank you for being such an inspirational leader and guide.”

Nicky Dethridge – Inspiring Your Creative Flair Workshop Participant

“Thank you for being such an inspirational leader and guide.”

“Paula takes Creative Writing to the next level. Wow factor personified, her style sets you at ease, and allows you to feel relaxed. Trust is pivotal and she respectfully builds this throughout the Workshop. My biggest challenge coming into the Workshop was confidence and whether I could indeed develop into a storyteller, which is pivotal for my business Acre of Roses. The workshop was much more than I anticipated, it really worked through the psychological issues and helped me unlock my potential. I was blown away with the content, so far-reaching, with well thought of videos. The imagery was a winner, it provided a visual cue, 3D rather than just paper and pen. 

In today’s world with social media at the forefront, you have to stand out in blogging and micro posting. You have to be innovative and one needs confidence to do that. I would recommend this Workshop to anyone who needs to create content for their business or who is passionate about writing. It was such a magical day. Paula you are such an amazing teacher and mentor – so gifted. I feel inspired and more confident AND absolutely focussed on creating Acre of Stories with your input and guidance.”

-Sandy M – Empowering Your Creative Voice Workshop Participant

“I have become very interested in the creative process through working with flowers and I was keen to apply this to writing. My biggest challenge before the workshop was understanding my Why, as well as giving myself permission to write, and having the confidence to do so. The workshop not only addressed this but flipped my attitude on its head. It’s as if all the doors and gates have now been unlocked and full permission has been given to throw myself into writing and creativity. I was absolutely thrilled with the content and themes covered – it really hit the nail on the head for me and where I was at. I was fascinated with the videos, talks, quotes and the journey Paula took us on and felt super comfortable with her very nurturing, open and fun personality. The activities which helped to shift some of the blocks to our writing confidence – ie the space and time to explore experiences from the past – were powerful because it made us vulnerable and therefore open to let new ideas and ways of thinking in. The workshop really removed some blocks for me and I have come away with a completely refreshing attitude to just go for it. I think there are impactful messages and concepts in the workshop that could be applied to many fields of creativity. This workshop coincided with a point in my life where I am lucky enough to have some time and space to follow a passion and I’m a bit older and not holding on so tightly to doubts, fears and what it if’s. I only wished I had come across the refreshing concepts and guidance from Paula as a young person. Your approach has the ability to reset attitudes and confidence and could take someone beyond what they thought was possible. You have put a lot of work, thinking and your own experience into this niche area. You put your heart and soul into this work and that’s where the magic happens. This is more than a writing workshop. It gave me the confidence to clear up old attitudes, inspired me to find my inner voice and helped me peel back the layers and internal blocks and have the confidence to explore my passion”

Sarah O’Bryan – Trust Your Voice Workshop Participant


$1100 plus GST

xo paula