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I partner with the world’s best wellness retreats, creative leaders and entrepreneurs to deliver impactful and inspirational workshops and presentations for their audience and team. I would love to present an Empower Your Voice session for you


presentations & workshops

As a guest speaker and facilitator, I like to take an unconventional approach. I share my knowledge as a presenter using my creative tools and passion for the Mediterranean to engage with my audience and offer a complete sensory immersion to empower and inspire participants. I’ve presented at some of the most highly acclaimed Wellness Retreats in Australia and have been a guest expert on international summits, empowering participants to transform their lives. I love pushing others outside their comfort zone. I’ve worked with clients from multi-faceted professions. From corporate women eager to feel inspired and connect with their passion, to creative artists, business leaders and entrepreneurs each facing their own unique cross-roads of change. Explore questions that’ll shift your perspective and take away insights that will serve to enhance the way you lead in your professional life, personal life and creative life.


Empowering the wellbeing, creative and entrepreneurial space

If there’s one thing I hear time-and-time again from women it’s this – ‘I don’t feel I have a voice. I don’t feel that what I have to say is important enough’. And what a woman is actually saying in that moment, is – I don’t trust myself. I don’t feel visible. I don’t feel heard.

When you make the decision to trust your inner calling, that tiny whisper of a voice that says: this is the way, is the moment you step into alignment with exactly where you’re supposed to be. My passion is empowering teams and their audiences to realise the enormous transformation that can happen when we step towards pursuing what we know to be true.
Trusting your voice, is about trusting you. It’s a powerful experience that causes a ripple effect of change across all areas of your life – creatively, personally and professionally.

The Power of Trusting YOU

  • Setting your Intention to move forward
  • Why it is essential to step outside your comfort zone
  • How to step with confidence into your purpose
  • Connecting to your passion and learning how to lead through your Life Force
  • The mirroring of your creative life and personal life and how the two are inextricably linked
  • Trusting your passion and the direction it wants to take you

Empower Your Voice

  • Authentic communication and how this powerful tool can transform your life
  • Using the creative process to reawaken your inspiration.
  • Transforming your creative life, personal life and professional life
  • Harnessing your unique strengths and abilities and bringing them to light
  • Understanding what your Inner Critic is really trying to tell you
“Paula connects with people on a beautiful level. She weaves joy as well as providing a serious undercurrent message that relates to making the most of your life. Many of our guests have issues around stress and Paula manages to allow them to escape for an hour into a world of freedom.”
Melissa Ingram, Clinical Services Manager, Elysia Wellness Retreat, Australia
“Every woman needs to believe they are the hero of their own story and that they can achieve whatever they want and I thank you for helping a few of us on that journey.”
Hilary B., Empower Your Voice Workshop participant, Sydney
“I would recommend your workshop to women who care where they are in their life. Any woman who is looking for guidance to move forward and unsure of how to start. For me the content was right on the mark. I came away with energy and courage to move forward. I think women who desire to do something for themselves, discover and get in touch with their lost inner voice are the right candidates for the workshop. Being with other women who feel the same is emotionally supporting. You created a secure and comfortable place for us.”
Suzanne S., Empower Your Voice Workshop participant, Brisbane
“I only wished I had come across the refreshing concepts and guidance from Paula as a young person. Your approach has the ability to reset attitudes and confidence and could take someone beyond what they thought was possible. This workshop gave me the confidence to clear up old attitudes, inspired me to find my inner voice and helped me peel back the layers and internal blocks and have the confidence to explore my passion.”
Sarah O, Trust Your Voice Workshop Participant, Melbourne