I am thrilled to announce the launch of our very special Creative Retreat, Envision: A Food, Writing and Photography Getaway to the Greek islands.

Spoiling you with a sensory feast, I will joined by brilliant Photographer and dear friend Corrina Tough and we will be taking you to one of the most breathtaking islands in the heart of the Mediterranean, the stunning Sifnos. Our time away is all about seducing your senses and inspiring your creativity. As you wander through quaint villages made up of whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets, getting lost in a maze of beauty, we’ll sharpen your photographers eye, help you develop your craft and give you a new found sense of confidence in creating your unique vision to do what you Love.

With the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean as our canvas, we give you the tools you need for your creative flair to take the lead. This Retreat is designed for passionate creatives who want to enhance their creative expression and learn how to harness their natural aesthetic, for Photographers who have a love for beautiful destinations, who want to feel more confident in how to capture moments and to achieve stunning photos that paint a vivid story that they can apply for personal use, social media/branding and publications. In an intimate gathering of just 8 guests, this is an opportunity to spend time honing in on your craft, be inspired by island life, live like a local and be nurtured by the beauty of Sifnos.

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Our intimate gathering will have us staying at the gorgeous boutique hotel of Nymfes, overlooking the bay of the picturesque town of Kamares. Our time together is designed to inspire and enhance your creative expression. It’s about Envisioning exactly what YOU want, letting your Passion for what you Love to be your greatest guide and having our exclusive support to set the framework for the creative path you wish to take. 

Setting our intentions, we invite you to dream BIG and show you the magic that can happen when you surrender to Trust, listen to your Heart and be inspired by the beauty all around you. Bringing her unique experience for hands-on support and facilitation, Corrina will be mentoring you through Photography practicums that will have a pinch of cheeky, flair and fun. You’ll learn what elements make up taking a great photo, understand the nuances of light and how this comes to strengthen our mood and message. Corrina will help you feel at ease with the technical, so your creative expression can be the driving force of your visual storytelling. Our subjects will be as diverse as our travels on the island, gatherings at the table, and of course capturing that famous golden light of the Mediterranean just as it’s spilling honey-coloured beauty through the streets of Sifnos. And of course, being Greece, we’ll be the company of locals who are always ready for a photo opportunity moment and are bound to get involved! Whether you’re a novice writer or have been at it for years, the Writing process is one of the most powerful tools to support any other creative medium.

Our time together is about capturing your visual story, to support you in harnessing your words and pictures, so your Voice is expressed with a strong, vibrant confidence. This is a chance to unlock your creative passion and reflect and gain a new perspective in the way you look at yourself and the world. It’s an opportunity to harness your skills and strengths, and let the magic of island life help you embark on what you wish to Envision.

It’s a chance to give time out for YOU and connect with an inspiring, likeminded tribe, as you explore travels through the stunning landscape, dive into pristine waters and sail through the beautiful Mediterranean. We create a tailored itinerary that serves to nurture and maximize what you need to develop during our time away. It’s feeling the wind in your hair, while savouring the beauty, joy and simplicity of island life, with laughter, fun and creating treasured memories to last a lifetime…

about the retreat

Over 6 days, we will be based on the stunning Aegean island of Sifnos. A private vehicle will transport us to all our photo shoot locations as well as activities. Our time away is all about teaching you how to sharpen your Creative Vision and learning how to capture a visual story that you love and feel confident in knowing how to create. You will harness your photography and writing skills, learn how to trust your better judgment in approaching your creativity, and bring your personal narrative to your craft.


We know how busy you women are. We know how much time you give to everything that takes up your day-to-day. So, we wanted to do something super special and super fun during our time away! If there is one thing we love as women, it’s the chance to get dolled up, have some fun and feel like a star for the day. As part of our Retreat experience, Corrina will be offering your very own exclusive and private one-on-one portrait shoot with her. With the stunning whitewashed houses of the Mediterranean as your backdrop, during the magic of that golden hour shining it’s honey-coloured light on you, Corrina will be giving you the opportunity to partake in this experience that is truly all about celebrating YOU. With exclusive access to your own online gallery including a photo print of your favourite pic, this will be a gift for you to keep and treasure forever and cherish memories of our time away.   

This Retreat is an opportunity to recharge, surrender to the elements and immerse the senses through our hands-on, exclusive facilitation. We’ll explore stunning scenic locations, visit artisanal producers and local artists, get spoilt with our own private boat trip, have swims in beautiful bays and indulge in delicious lunches and dinners. Did I forget to mention sun-kissed skin, feeling blissful after a days swim in the Aegean and that feeling of not-needing-to-worry-about-what’s-happening-next because it’s all been done for you?

who is this for?

It’s for those who wish to nurture and Envision their passion for what they love in the beauty of the Mediterranean while indulging in village livingIt’s for aspiring creatives who are looking to enhance their craft and refine their skills in order to deliver a more engaging means of communication through their creativity. It’s for those who enjoy great food, wine and wish to explore the island of Sifnos. Passionate souls who love beauty and want to be in the company of like-minded creatives…Those who dare to dream and want the chance to be immersed and inspired through a unique experience…You do not need to be an experienced writer or photographer to join us.It is as much an opportunity for newcomers to learn or refine their skills, as it is for those more advanced, a chance to connect with a new tribe of like-minded women, build your portfolio and glean inspiration from the island. It’s a chance to forge lifelong friendships and enjoy a heap of fun and laughter while you dance the Zorba under silver moonlight!

retreat dates

This Retreat has already happened

retreat cost


Deposit: 1000 EURO
15 June 2019: 1000 EURO
15 July 2019: Remainder of balance due

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  • Single occupancy or twin share accommodation at our seaside boutique hotel
  • All transportation during retreat
  • All activities during retreat
  • Exclusive private one-on-one portrait shoot with Corrina, including online gallery and a print of your favourite portrait pic
  • 6 Breakfasts and 5 dinners plus 5 lunch
  • 5-Day writing & creative practicums, all material and instructions by published writer Paula Hagiefremidis & Personal Branding, Portrait & Wedding Photographer Corrina Tough
  • Group discussions on Inspiring your Creative Vision

Does not include airfare, personal health travel insurance or personal expenses

we are tank, We Are Tank & Mediterranean Wanderer Interview: Facing Transitions, Starting From Scratch & Following Your Passion...

about the facilitators

Launching Mediterranean Wanderer has led me to live a life with passion and develop a successful career doing what I love. Facilitating bespoke Workshops and Creative Retreats to the Greek islands, interviewing inspiring creatives that have changed their lives and supporting others in stepping forward to trust their Voice and become their best selves is a rewarding practice that inspires and challenges me daily. It’s been the greatest lesson in recognizing that if we learn to Trust enough and abandon our fears we can completely transform our lives.

Taking action can sometimes be a long, drawn out process, laden with excuses. I’ve been there, I’ve gotten stuck, I’ve felt the frustration of moving through it. It’s not comfortable. But breaking through brings the greatest rewards, reconnecting us to our most authentic selves and living more enriched lives. As a published writer, I’ve written for countless publications including international travel magazine Get Lost, health and wellness publication Nourish, esteemed dining and entertaining publication Broadsheet and countless private clients. As a facilitator, I love nothing more than using the vehicle of Creativity to help others recognise what it means to have the courage to step forward how it can support them to live a life with Passion and follow their heart.

Corrina’s passion for photography was ignited as a child learning in her father’s home darkroom, which has grown over several decades and now into a successful photography career. Capturing stunning natural imagery for weddings, private portraits and personal branding all over the world Corrina is fuelled by the belief that we must not lose tangible evidence that we exist. Our histories must not die but be passed down to other generations because images are powerful, potent and extremely emotive. Corrina’s work captures the essence of a place or the heart and joy of her clients, she taps into a deeper knowing or vision to go further than just taking a photograph of what stands before her. When working with clients for shoots Corrina’s approach comes from an intention to really live inside the hearts and minds of her subjects. Through many techniques Corrina becomes intertwined with the vision of the client and they get to understand her strategy and flexibility. Corrina is a master story teller and through this process sees absolute transformation especially in women who begin sometimes feeling uneasy about being in front of the camera but end often in tears of joy when they see the photographs. The results speak for themselves and the experience Corrina offers is what truly sets her apart. Listening to her heart, passion and believing in new possibilities has led Corrina to move countries from South Coast NSW Australia to South West France. This move has grown not only her business exponentially, but her vision has also grown to include workshops in France, and she is currently writing her first book about her own transformation in life and place.


an overview

Time To Move On
  • Arrival on the Island & guest transfers to your own Private Villa
  • Welcome Gathering
  • Introductions & Greek Meze + Local Wine
  • Envision – Setting our intentions and vision for this period. Harnessing your Unique Voice and understanding how to shape and direct this through the creative medium of writing and photography. Corrina and I share our story, experiences and explain the tools required to help embody this Vision
  • Late afternoon swim at a nearby bay or optional staying poolside at the hotel.
  • Communal Mediterranean homemade dinner prepared for us.
  • Photography Practicums – Photography essentials with Corrina. Understanding the elements required in creating great photos. How to effectively communicate the message of your subject matter and harness the technique of light and composition. Learning to trust your better judgment and creative vision and apply this across different types of photography.
  • Writing Practicums – OUR VISION = OUR PASSION: What does your Creative and Personal Vision for your life look like? Getting clear on your WHY? We learn how our vision and voice comes to command our unique signature and identity.
  • We practice our skills at our scheduled locations with a writing lesson and photography shoot.
  • Visit to local ceramic artists and stunning boutique homewares retailer
  • Exclusive wine tasting and appreciation at the prestigious local wine producer of Sifnos. We have a private tour of their gorgeous property and sample some of the best wine on the island
  • Afternoon swim and visit to one of Sifnos’s stunning villages.
  •  Dinner and exploring in the local town (recommended to bring your camera)
  • Homemade breakfast
  • Photography Practicums – exploring one of the most renowned towns of Sifnos with a photo shoot through its stunning streets.
  • Writing Practicums – THE POWER OF OUR CREATIVE LANGUAGE: When we are clear on what we want to express, we are able to tune in to our creative rhythm and produce work with less resistance. Our creative language is a powerful tool to impact others, send a message or share a part of our story and who we are. What is the recurring theme in your images? What are you trying to communicate to your audience?
  • Visiting one of Sifnos’s most striking villages for lunch before making our way to very own private cooking lesson with the wonderful Andreas and visiting his stunning organic farm. Watching the sunset from his beautiful property and being spoilt to our very own home-cooked dinner.
  • Morning Journaling
  • Homemade breakfast
  • Photography Practicums – Through one of the beautiful whitewashed villages of Sifnos, adjusting your visual lens, fine tuning the technical and understanding points of story in images, such as perspective, view, context, composition and rule of thirds just for starters. Making a plan for shooting and then letting your confidence take the lead.
  • Writing Practicums – SOURCING YOUR CREATIVE INSPIRATION: Learning the importance of sourcing your creative replenishment to fuel your work. Writing exercises designed to make you think quick, shift your perspective and remember to have fun. Tools to keep your inner critic at bay.
  • Visit to a beautiful nearby village and being spoilt with a rustic lunch.
  • Late afternoon visit to explore one of Sifnos’s stunning towns, followed by a rustic dinner.
  • Exclusive private one-on-one portrait shoot with Corrina
  • Homemade Breakfast
  • Final Writing Practicum: Bringing the threads of our Intention and Creative Vision together. Harnessing the value of our skills and abilities for what we wish to Envision and how to effectively apply this to our work
  • Final Photography Practicum: Edit and download of shots over the last few days. Creating a storyboard of our creative vision
  • Local traditional honey tasting session – renowned for its healing properties, Sifnos has some of the best honey in the Mediterranean. An opportunity to sample and take some home
  • Scenic boat tour of the island including lunch on board and swims at stunning secluded bays of beautiful Sifnos
  • Farewell Dinner – a rustic, homemade feast with local wine to celebrate our final night.
  • Final Group Discussion
  • Farewell Morning, homemade breakfast and transfers for departure.
  • Optional early morning swim at our beautiful secluded bay
  • Free time to explore and share group discussion.

*(subject to modification)

“It’s a little hard to put the Emerge Retreat into words and describe it in a way that does it justice. What Paula has created with her retreats and how much she puts into them is something truly special.  The retreat was set in breathtaking Serifos but it’s because of Paula and her unique touch she brings to everything that we really got to see and experience the full magic of this island and all it has to offer. There was not a single thing in the whole week that wasn’t lovingly and carefully put together to ensure that we all got to immerse ourselves in the beauty the island offers and leave with our creative cups full!

Without knowing it, the retreat was everything I had been needing as I was closing chapters and making changes in my life; this was the perfect middle ground and catalyst to rejuvenate, get inspired and step forward with more clarity and zest to begin the next.  The week was the perfect mix of  exploring rugged and raw coastlines, looking forward to every meal with some of the best food I have ever tasted, spending time with locals who took us in as if we were family, adventures ( shenanigans!!) while exploring the local towns and most importantly  (for me) it was full of conversations, teachings and explorations that were full of depth, heart and soul. A space that was lovingly held and facilitated by Paula that allowed me to gently see all that I needed to see as to where I was holding myself back, current blockages to my creativity and what I truly want to be doing and experiencing at this point of my life beyond my own limitations. And these honest, beautiful conversations, adventures and laughs all got to be shared with a small group of incredible women with whom friendships and support circles have been made for life.

It was the perfect set up and setting to be able to explore, understand, immerse and watch as new ideas start to develop. And things do start to change after a retreat like this, they can’t not! Within a few days of leaving the Island, new ideas and plans were flourishing and being actioned quickly and a month later, while at times making big changes are definitely  challenging, there’s a clear direction I know I’m heading in and I know this wouldn’t have happened without having gone on this retreat.

I sat on the sideline for a little while wondering if the time was right to go on the retreat, could I really take this time for myself right now… blah blah blah. It seems ridiculous now, there was something that kept resonating and calling me and there was really no chance I was never not coming but I’m so glad I finally listened. I can’t imagine having missed out on the magic ( a cliché word but really, when you spend most of the week in awe of what you’re experiencing there’s not much else you can say) that was our retreat. Paula is one incredible woman with a heart of pure gold and her retreats are a giant extension of this – Thank you Paula for a week that has truly changed my life and for memories that will be cherished forever. I am so incredibly grateful… and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year xx” –Jess M