A year and a half ago, I made a pretty big decision.

I uprooted my comfortable, secure life interstate, moved back to my hometown after 8 years of living away, said goodbye to an 11-year relationship and dove head first into a brand new career venture.

With little else but gut instinct to guide me, I continued ahead.

Living Mediterranean

wandering paths, Lemnos

It’s a funny thing when you make decisions that are motivated by nothing else but the fact that you know your old life no longer serves you. Something shifts from within. The sense of feeling scared and daunted may still follow, but the decision to persevere, despite it not making any sense, is far too strong to ignore. Observing the ripple effect that can happen as a result of giving space for these decisions to be realised, can lead to one of the greatest breakthroughs imaginable. Doors on ideas that were once firmly shut tight are then suddenly flung wide open.

Living Mediterranean

stepping into sea…

When I made the decision to uproot my life, I was motivated by one thing: Passion.

What stirs that Passion? Meeting people, exchanging rich conversation, inspired minds that push boundaries, pursuing my love for writing, the Mediterranean and sharing that experience with an amazing community of people, cooking for others and sharing a table of rustic home cooked fare, facing my fears and accomplishing all that I doubted…

Living Mediterranean

cobblestone streets

The idea behind Mediterranean Wanderer was born of those passions. I wanted to engage with others through the very things that inspires me. Creating my bespoke Retreats to the Aegean islands of Lemnos and Ikaria was one way of sharing this experience with others.

It turns out, the opportunity of experiencing village living in the Mediterranean was something that resonated for you too. It’s not just about having a holiday, it’s about experiencing the authentic, being in the intimate company of likeminded people, being immersed in the elements, spoilt by the sun, sea and air of the Mediterranean. It’s about having an enriched travel experience. One that stirs you and allows you to feel a true connection with the place. After being overwhelmed with enquiry for my Sensory Retreat to Lemnos this June, I was forced to offer new dates for July 2017.

Living Mediterranean

private boat cruise, Lemnos

If your inkling to escape to the Mediterranean this summer has been stirring you, then this is your chance to gift yourself a rare opportunity. Why? Because you deserve it. Because inklings continue to stir us long after opportunities we should have taken pass us by. This Retreat is for the solo traveller, it’s for the mother and daughter, the sisters, the best friends, celebrating a milestone. This Retreat is just for YOU. The chance to replenish, nourish and nurture your senses.

New dates for my Sensory Retreat to Lemnos are available on my website.

Please feel free to contact me: paula@mediterraneanwanderer.com

Happy Travels…Paula x