1-1 empower your voice power session

A Road Map to connecting with your Passion, trusting your Voice, getting Unstuck and doing what you Love

Empowering Your Voice is about empowering You. Our personal lives and creative lives are inextricably linked. Often our pursuits and our passions can make us feel challenged. In this 1-1 Power Session, we take a deep-dive into the areas that are holding you back from connecting with your passion and keeping you stuck from doing what you Love.

What if you could walk away in just

1-hour with the answers, clarity and confidence to make your next move?

In our 1-hour session, I design YOUR unique Road Map to give you the tools, strategy and clarity in order to begin taking action and feel confident in taking your next steps. We get crystal clear on where you’re at, where you want to go, what’s holding you back and how to get unstuck.

Our time together is designed to help you harness your skills and strengths, regain your confidence, learn to access more of it and begin taking the next step toward Empowering Your Voice. Confidence comes from recognising your patterns and being prepared to let go of old habits. It’s time to reclaim your Voice, connect with your Passion and make yourself Heard.

This is for those of you feeling you’re at the cross-roads of change, who are ready to move through the areas holding you back creatively, personally and professionally and finally connect with your Passion.

Meet Sophia

Founder, RAQ swimwear apparel

“Paula possesses a special gift to unlock your creative side and inspire you to follow through with all the ideas you were previously too sacred to pursue. I gained so much more than I expected from my first meeting with Paula. Not only did she inspire and empower me but she also helped me prepare a roadmap with tangible milestones and timing. It’s only been 6 months since our session, but I have already brought so many of my ideas to life. I’ve reached out to other people I admire and have created opportunities to collaborate on photoshoots, new designs and other creative projects. My new found confidence has allowed me to make these connections and through these projects, I have been able to express myself in a new way. My life feels so much richer. Thank you Paula.

In one hour you will leave with:

  • The framework and steps of exactly what to do next
  • Confidence and clarity
  • The tools and strategy for your actions steps
  • A reading guide and core writing exercises designed to unlock your inner knowing and support the changes you wish to make

I’ve worked with clients from various professions – from corporate women eager to feel inspired and connect with their creative passion, to florists, writers, photographers, interior designers, dancers, architects, business owners and those facing the cross-roads of change. One of my greatest passions is seeing women connect with their passion, realise their strengths and find their Voice.


“When I signed up for my 1-1 session with Paula I really didn’t know what to expect, only that I felt intrigued and wanted to know more!
One of Paula’s many Super Powers is that she makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease. 
Her suggestions and practices that have helped me to continue my journey and exploration to live my best life with a clearer mindset and inner belief that my best ‘work’ is done when aligned with my values, strengths and most importantly my passions!
One takeaway snippet from our session that has continued to be very powerful for me is to trust in my own intuition and ‘knowing’. Paula helped me discovered this little nugget of wisdom…”Don’t sweat the HOW – just remember the WHY”! Tania, creative business owner, NSW, Australia

“It was so refreshing to talk with Paula in our 1-hour session. I needed to discuss some personal goals and identifying steps to go forward. Her positivity is contagious. She is so encouraging. The session inspired me to see ways to get a personal project off the ground and connect with some film festival professionals. And while 2020 presented some unique challenges and it was not the year to actually realise any of the goals identified, the session was a great reminder of the personal and professional skills that I have to offer. 
I was emboldened, with the confidence to reach out to new people, making connections in another new place, after many international moves. Grazie mille, Paula.” 
Maggie, slow travel operator, Italy

This is for you IF:

  • You want to Trust your Voice and have the courage to finally be Heard
  • Want to pursue your Passion but are afraid to take the next step
  • Are tired of feeling “stuck”
  • Want to overcome your Creative and Personal road blocks
  • Have had enough of your Inner Critic holding you back

  • Want to find the courage to listen to that voice telling you: “something really has to change…”
  • Are wanting to feel empowered and develop more trust in your unique strengths and abilities and recognise what they are

I only wished I had come across the refreshing concepts and guidance from Paula as a young person. EMPOWER YOUR VOICE gave me the confidence to clear up old attitudes, inspired me to find my inner voice and helped me peel back the layers and internal blocks and have the confidence to explore my passion.“ Sarah, Florist & business owner, Melbourne, Australia

 about me

I’m Paula, a published writer, mentor and creative facilitator who’d lost my voice, passion and purpose for 15 years before a major life transition forced everything to a grinding halt, sending me on a completely different trajectory and finally pursuing what I love. I present as a guest speaker at some of the largest Wellbeing Retreat centres and event forums in Australia, and run workshops and transformational Creative Retreats empowering participants to realise the transformative effect of trusting your voice, pursuing your passion and the ripple effect of change this has in opening up our lives creatively, personally and professionally.

Cultivating Confidence & Trusting Your Voice Workshop, Creative Flair Workshop, Mediterranean Wanderer

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xo paula

I approached Paula at a time when I was having my fork-in-the road moment but didn’t know how to move forward. Paula’s passion and commitment for what she does shone through right from the get-go. Her warm, non-judgemental approach is like having your own personal cheerleader in your corner and she genuinely wanted to see me succeed. Paula set a series of ‘homework tasks’ for me, focusing on my strengths, which opened up a new world of possibilities. She made me realise that when we move towards the path of least resistance, our lives have more purpose and meaning. She gave me the clarity I needed and the confidence to take the next step which had been eluding me for so long. Paula set me on a path that I could not ever have imagined without her insights and tangible tools. She truly has a gift for what she does.” Vicky, Marketing and Communications professional, Melbourne, Australia

“I found Paula’s one-on-one call to be empowering and really helpful! It was a chance to take a big picture look at a project I was immersed in when all I could see was the minutiae. We discussed strategies for getting unstuck, reminding myself of the ‘why’ and reaching out to other industry professionals for guidance and insights. I’d thoroughly recommend the one-on-one call and, the beauty of chatting with Paula, is that her down-to-earth nature is super reassuring and makes you feel like you can take on anything!” Lesley, Writer & Creative Founder Everly Magazine, Qld, Australia