I know the all too familiar feeling that overwhelms you when you want to start something. I used to be one of those people that had been resisting starting many things…

I resisted starting a business that was all about pursuing my passions.

I resisted starting social media.

I resisted starting as a freelance writer.

I resisted starting ideas that would excite me.

I resisted starting anything that meant changing my unhappy life.

When I’d had finally had enough of being frustrated with not starting and took the very first steps to changing my patterns, I had no idea how much of an impact starting something new was going to have on my life.

Starting my business 12 months ago, had me sell out my fist Retreat to the Greek islands within 6 months of launching.

Launching a Retreat to the islands led me to meet inspirational participants that have become dear friends and who I share some of my richest memories with.

Starting as a freelance writer had me published within weeks of sending my articles to the magazines I loved and gave me the confidence to submit more.

Starting on social media allowed me to reach new people in my community that I now collaborate with and gives me more exposure to share what I love with the world.

Starting what I loved led me outside my comfort zone and out of my unhappy life. What we struggle to see when we are wanting to start something, is the enormity of opportunity that’s waiting for us on the other side.

What Are You Resisting Starting

exploring the island of Sifnos…

There might be a lot of you out there starting new things or taking the next step in making changes in your life and pursuing something that’s been nagging you for a really long time that you’ve been resisting doing.

The only difference between those who are wanting to change and those who are resisting that change is: How willing you are to continue pursuing a life that no longer serves you?

I hope this is your year to start something.

Happy travels, Paula x


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