Dear Creatives,

What do you want more of as you settle into the New Year?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of tuning our focus toward really getting intimate with the very things we want to embrace more of in our lives. Giving some thought to considering what it is that completely lights us up?

There’s so much that I’m excited about diving into this year. What excites me most is knowing that ideas that light us up are what nudge us closer to being in complete alignment with what we should be doing in life. Sometimes these ideas might seem far-fetched when we share them with friends and loved ones. But hopefully the perplexed expression on their face isn’t enough to deter you from making a start. After all, not everyone’s going to warm to your bright idea, particularly when it serves to make their life suddenly seem less than extraordinary.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a story that happened to me after I recently dared to share at a dinner party: I was asked about my business from a friends husband and what inspired me to start it. I told him how I’d always been very clear on the things I loved and knew I was good at. Amongst the different passions that I listed that come to make up my business, what sparked his interest most was when I mentioned that I’m a great eater and how wonderful it is getting paid to eat…He laughed in my face, you’re a great what? He asked. I’m a great eater, I replied back matter-of-factly, and I get paid to eat. I wasn’t sure what struck me most in that instance. The fact that he thought it ok to life right at me at the mere mention of wanting to get paid to eat or that I had just given him access to contemplate that people give birth to ideas all the time and when they believe in them enough, they have the capacity to make them come to life.

What Do You Want More Of...?

Lemnos Creative Immersion Retreat, photo via Carla Coulson…

So, what do I want more of as I reflect on the year ahead and my ability to entertain my friend’s husbands with my unconventional vocation? I want: More fun, more adventure, more collaborations, more inspiration, more personal growth…to be in the company of great people and friends that serve to elevate me and help me continue to extend myself…I want more get togethers, sharing a gorgeous rustic feast at the table, the chance to meet new coaching clients to support them in their writing journey, continuing my travels through the incredible country that is Greece and seeing what other gems I can unearth that will inspire more creative pursuits to be born that give me the chance to meet more amazing participants and help light up their life…

My greatest goal? Taking the thrill of what 2017 presented me with and continuing to ride that incredible wave of sheer delight and elation. Feeling an enormity of gratitude from the support of mentors, the most amazing community that is YOU who values what I do and friends and family that are always by my side…

The biggest THANKS for lighting up my life…

photo of me by the incredibly talented and amazing Nyree Cox of piktureit

Happy travels, x


With love, Paula