Dear Writers & Creatives

Writing has been my greatest Mentor – nothing has challenged me, forced me to extend myself and supported me in moving through my own personal barriers in the same way writing has…There have been countless periods of experiencing immense frustration coupled with euphoric breakthroughs.

Each time, I have been taught an invaluable lesson and been presented with a new insight about myself. Writing has taught me patience, humility, commitment and an understanding that it’s a relationship I am invested in for life. No matter how hard things got with my writing, regardless of how often I was faced with sheer dread and felt like I was unable to perform, one thing always remained certain, that love and passion for my craft was unwavering and I knew that no matter how much it would test me and jostle me around, I could never turn my back on it.

Greatest Rewards

When you first start out in any creative pursuit, it’s awkward, you fumble, you second-guess yourself and compare your work to others who seem to effortlessly get it right…

When I first started studying Professional Writing & Editing, I went from having an air of confidence to what I was producing, to suddenly suffering a major blow to my ego. I felt my teachers hated my work and that I was being picked on. The more I tried to get it right, the more I stifled my Creative Voice and sounded desperately like I was trying. For the longest time I stopped trusting myself. It was years later that I came to realise the efforts of my teachers were not out of spite or malice, instead they were trying to bring out the best in me, to push me to extend myself so I could clear the grit and reveal the potential.

Over the years I’ve gone through thousands of words, both hand written and in print. Much has been culled and continues to constantly be refined. It’s a never ending work-in-progress. 

You need to become intimate with what you love and go through a heap of crap in order to reveal the beauty that wants to shine. Regardless of where you’re at, keep going, I promise, your efforts will surprise you…

Happy Travels and Happy Creating, Paula x