Dear Writers and Creatives,

If you’re still getting frustrated about not getting the results you want with your writing practice, then maybe it’s time to take a big step back and look at exactly what it is that’s failing to attract your audience or get a publishers attention.

So often you might think you’re doing all the right things, but the fact is, you’re still struggling to achieve any credible results.

No one’s engaging with your content on your social media.

No one from your community knows about your blog posts.

The editor you submitted that article to a month ago still hasn’t gotten back to you.

Let’s not even talk about that book idea for the publisher…

There are countless reasons why you might be struggling to generate traction with your writing, but there are some fundamental points that should be at the top of your list each time you sit down to write.

5 Reasons Why You're Failing At Your Writing Practice... 5 Reasons Why You're failing At Your Writing Practice

Here’s some things that have helped me become unstuck in the past and shifted the way I approach my writing today:

Why: People are time poor, editors are bombarded with an over-flooded inbox, your audience has a very short attention span, you only have a small window of opportunity to connect with them so make your time count. Think about what you want your audience, editor or publisher to get out of you approaching them. You might be giving advice, sharing a business tip or submitting an article. Before you start, get clear on your Why and make sure it’s going to be the very thing that made them get up out of bed this morning.

Connection: Are you excited by what you’re writing about? Does it light you up? If it doesn’t, then it’s going to fail to inspire your audience too. What do YOU want to write about? Why should an editor read your work? You need to approach your writing with a level of excitement as though it’s the very thing that’s going to change someone’s life. If you’re inspired, then the excitement of what you produce leaps off the page. There’s an instant connection. If what you’re producing fails to deliver anything short of this, you have to stop and let it go.

 Voice: If you’re at the beginning of your writing practice or if you’re in the process of changing direction with your writing style, you’ll be struggling with your Voice. This can make you come across as wishy washy or confused when you’re writing content. Not a great selling point for your audience. Practice this new found style until it feels completely natural. Write like this all the time, the more you practice the more effortless it becomes.

Authenticity: If you’re a business and wanting to engage your audience, don’t do anything that doesn’t relate back to you or your brand. This will confuse your audience and have them second-guessing your motives. As human beings, our natural instinct is to feel. This means we can instantly sniff out when something doesn’t resonate. Always put the needs of your client first. They need to trust you, otherwise you’ll lose them.

Prioritise: If you’re writing a Blog post, Instagram post, letter to the editor, it needs your full attention. When you rush or do things half-heartedly, the results are reflected back in your work. If what you want to communicate is important to you, then you need to make sure that moment is dedicated solely to that exercise. Nothing else can get in the way. Disconnect the phone, lock yourself in your room, find a quiet space. Do whatever it takes to make sure your focus is on accomplishing that task alone. This is your number one priority.

5 Reasons Why You're Failing At Your Writing Practice... 5 Reasons Why You're failing At Your Writing Practice

Every time you write, it needs to excite you. Every time you’re sharing content, you should be feeling a burst of inspiration with what you’re about to present to the world. This is your greatest measure in recognising whether or not what you’re producing is worth the effort it takes in creating. If it’s not lighting you up, you need to let it go. Regardless of how long you’ve been working on it or how attached you might be to it. Not being excited about something is stopping you from creating your best work. It’s failing your audience and it’s a waste of your creative energy.

Words have the power to make us feel and be stirred emotionally. Your writing is the expression in gifting someone that very experience. Use that gift wisely and know that at any given moment it has the power to completely change someone’s life.


Happy travels, Paula x

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