Here’s an honest fact about me: I chose being scared and staying safe for YEARS before I finally changed. Here’s another honest fact about me: I feared doing what I LOVED because I truly believed I couldn’t do it.

Staying safe has its advantages. You can’t get hurt if things go wrong and you don’t run the risk of ever hearing the doomed words: I told you so

But staying safe also has its disadvantages, because what it ends up doing is keeping you so small and so confined in your cocooned life that you have no idea there is an entire world out there waiting to throw the most incredible experiences and opportunities your way.

So how did my biggest weakness get me published?

By reminding me that I only had two choices: changing my life and doing what I loved or continue wasting my time.

I was done with the latter. It had proven itself to me enough over the years that nothing good came of opting for it.

biggest weakness, How I Used My Biggest Weakness and Got Published

what happiness looks like, photo via nyree cox…

There is something that change offers which safety will never give you. The risk I took in confronting my biggest weakness, was the very thing that led me to experiencing my greatest accomplishment. Taking the steps to show my work publicly caught the attention of editors, which led to my work being featured in the high profile publications I wanted. My biggest risk led to my greatest reward and this has set the benchmark for the way I approach everything in my life.

The feeling of self-empowerment that comes from realising your own strengths and abilities is you diving into your potential. It’s sampling the before and after version of yourself. It’s that tap on the shoulder giving you the option to wake up or go back to sleep.

What’s the risk in stepping into the greatest version of yourself? The enormity of experiencing what you never believed to be possible.

Letting go of the old version of myself has been the biggest wake up call to realising that the more you give in to fear, the more you keep yourself stuck, pursuing a life that is worlds apart from what you could be experiencing right now.

Your greatest life is desperately trying to let you have it…I hope you go and claim it.

Happy travels, Paula x


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