Why I Left The Perfect Man

Dear Adventurers of Life

Sometimes you get pushed to change, sometimes you step into it willingly…
In my case? Well, I got pushed kicking and screaming…

The dream Lifestyle, I had it.
The dream Man, I had him.

What I didn’t have was a foothold on myself. On what I actually wanted for ME. Regardless of how idyllic it all was, at the heart of it, I knew none of it was meant for ME. I was too scared to let go of the 11-year relationship, the lifestyle (that was perfect but that I didn’t want) and I tried desperately to cling to dear life for something that wasn’t right, regardless of the fact I was being urged to take a different path.

For years I had signs warning me to change course. From my body’s physical rejection of my environment, to my own emotional state. I stubbornly ignored it ALL. Eventually PUSH came to SHOVE and the minute it did, it completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Why I Left The Perfect Man

In that moment, I kissed the perfect life, the perfect partner and all the security and stability you could imagine GOODBYE and started from absolute SCRATCH.
When change arrives, big things happen. You finally FIND YOURSELF AGAIN.
Not in a: ‘I’m-meditating-on-the-mountains’ kind of way, more in a: ‘Now-I-remember-that-long-lost-part-of-me’ kind of way.It’s the moment you take command of your life and steer yourself in the direction YOU want to go, because for the very first time, everything in your heart is saying: YOU ARE GOING THE RIGHT WAY. Having the courage to take that first step started my greatest Life Adventure. It was the moment I found my Voice, unlocked my passion for Writing, launched a business I love, had my creativity thrive and remembered to BELIEVE in myself again. That was the moment I truly connected with the very thing that changed my life. I no longer needed anyone’s permission or validation.

The greatest reward for me, is seeing the women who join my Workshops and Retreats connect with that JOY during our time together and watching their greatest passion take full flight. They connect with the very thing they LOVE and the light and spark in who they are completely comes to life. In that very moment, they realise how powerful and UNSTOPPABLE they are. It’s as though they’ve just been handed their very own: Access All Areas Pass to life:

Why I Left The Perfect ManI sat on the sideline for a little while wondering if the time was right to go on the Retreat, if I could I really take this time for myself right now. It seems ridiculous now.Without knowing it, the Retreat was everything I had been needing as I was closing chapters and making changes in my life; this was the perfect middle ground and catalyst to rejuvenate, get inspired and step forward with more clarity and zest to begin the next. The week was the perfect mix of exploring rugged and raw coastlines, looking forward to every meal with some of the best food I have ever tasted, spending time with locals who took us in as if we were family, adventures (shenanigans!!) while exploring the local towns and most importantly  (for me) it was full of conversations, teachings and explorations that were full of depth, heart and soul. A space that was lovingly held and facilitated by Paula that allowed me to gently see all that I needed to see as to where I was holding myself back, current blockages to my creativity and what I truly want to be doing and experiencing at this point of my life beyond my own limitations. And these honest, beautiful conversations, adventures and laughs all got to be shared with a small group of incredible women with whom friendships and support circles have been made for life.”
Jess M – Emerge Retreat Participant, 2018

“There was no challenge for me to attend the workshop. A no-brainer. We went deep and I wasn’t expecting that. It felt good to speak in an environment that was supportive and caring. For me the content was right on the mark. I came away with energy and courage to move forward. I think women who desire to do something for themselves, discover and get in touch with their lost inner voice are the right candidates for the workshop. Being with other woman who feel the same is emotionally supporting. You created a secure and comfortable place for us. I would recommend your workshop to any woman who is looking for guidance to move forward and unsure of how to start.”Suzanne S, Empower Your Voice Workshop participant, Brisbane 2019
Why I Left The Perfect Man“If you love Paula’s social media posts, tips and stories about her personal experiences and embracing her creativity – you’ll love her workshops in-person even more. She is a wonderful facilitator, warm, engaging and bang on point! Her calming nature encourages you to peel back the layers on what’s holding you back creatively and her wisdom and guidance propels you forward to tackle your goals.”
Lesley S, Empower Your Voice Workshop participant, Brisbane 2019

“Paula thanks for sharing your passion and your story, I feel like I have walked away feeling more confident in myself and with a greater belief that my passion project can be a success. Every woman needs to believe they are the Hero of their own story and that they can achieve whatever they want and I thank you for helping us on that journey.”
Hilary B, Empower Your Voice Workshop participant, Sydney 2019

the stunning whitewashed streets of Serifos

If you’re ready to open the floodgates to your passion and doing what you love, there are two very special Creative Retreats to the Greek islands that will show you how to do just THAT! Envision & Emerge Retreats are happening this September. All details below:

Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos. This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion.

Envision: A Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning island of neighbouring Sifnos, facilitated together with incredible Portrait, Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer – Corrina Tough




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