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Carla Coulson is a woman that’s been on my radar for well over 15 years. When I first glanced at her very first published book – Italian Joy, I immediately fell in love and wanted to take a deep dive head first into those pages and be completely immersed in the experience of here journey of living in Italy.

Here’s the thing about Carla. She took a huge leap of faith well over 15 years ago and her life changed completely. Despite carving a successful career for herself living in Sydney, her heart wasn’t happy. Fed up with not living her passion, she packed her bags, jumped on a plane Italy bound, picked up a camera for the very first time and never looked back…

She’s developed a successful career as photographer, capturing the Italian way of life with images that capture passion, heart and soul. There is no mistaking a Carla Coulson photo. The vibrancy in the colours, the image that looks as though it’s about to leap out and talk to you, her ability to capture raw emotion and light up your heart is what has me in absolute awe of her visual aesthetic. Her images have been featured in some of the most high profile publications including Harpers Bazaar, Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Entertaining and many more.

life changed, This Photographer's Life Changed When She Learned To Write

Atrani, photo via Carla Coulson…

This is what you don’t know about Carla…She experienced the greatest turning point in her career as a photographer when she enrolled into her very first writing workshop and took the steps to find her Voice, her life changed.

Unlocking the very thing that was holding back her creativity not only transformed her photography and helped it flourish, but it led to the birth of her famous book Italian Joy. Opening her heart and sharing her story with the greatest level of honesty was a pivotal moment in understanding how powerful Voice can be and how important it is to our creative expression. The courage she experienced as a result of the writing workshop, was what gave her the tools to embrace her Voice and share it with the world. When we find the courage to make ourselves heard, we express in a way that connects with others and helps elevate them so they can feel brave enough to do the same.

Since Italian Joy, Carla has published and collaborated on countless other other books that celebrate the Mediterranean way of life with her stunning images and heartfelt stories. There are few words to sum up this inspiring woman and her capacity to impact everyone who comes into contact with her – chasing what she wants in life is passionately driven by her motto: Life, Love & Laughter…

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