Dear Passionate Creatives

Those of you who have been following my story for some time, know that a few years back I took a huge leap of faith and completely changed my life. Saying goodbye to an 11-year relationship and leaving a successful business and a secure, comfortable life interstate, I packed my bags and decided to step outside my comfort zone, follow my heart, launch into my passion for writing and pursue my business Mediterranean Wanderer.

The journey has been one of the most terrifying and exhilarating experiences of my life. It has allowed me to do what I love, rewarded me with the most incredible experiences and given me the chance to feel completely inspired by life…

Recently, I was invited to share my story in an interview with one of the giants in Greek Newspapers distributed across Australia, the esteemed Neos Kosmos. I am so thrilled to be featured and share my story.

Here’s a little snippet of what was exchanged:

While major life events are often credited for instigating radical change, there are times when
all it takes is a lightbulb moment for someone to reassess their priorities. This is more or less how the story goes for Paula Hagiefremidis. Prior to launching her business as a writer and creative facilitator, she was running a successful restaurant with her then partner in Byron Bay.

“The restaurant was doing enormously well, but deep down I wasn’t happy, I knew I was venturing further and further away from what I wanted to do. I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. We are presented with opportunities that invite change and that was what happened to me. I was invited to step out of my secure, comfortable life and launch into pursuing my passion,”

If you want to read more on the interview and find out about my approach to following your passion and creating a business doing what you love, click NKEN018_07Jul18 and NKEN019_07Jul18

Huge thanks to the amazing team of Neos Kosmos for this very special weekend feature…

Happy Travels, Paula x

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