I had a conversation with someone recently that had me reflecting on this question. I thought about what it came to suggest about how we value creativity and where it ranks alongside other areas of our life that are deemed of greater worth.


photo via Carla Coulson

Over the years, I’ve pursued countless workshops, listened to guest speakers, purchased the books of adored writers and photographers or gone on retreats that have all served to foster that creative space. From time-to-time I’ve questioned whether or not it’s worth the investment. It’s as if the decision to act rests on how guaranteed we’ll be of our desired outcome.


Mani, Greece

The truth is, every pursuit, every workshop, every book, every conversation, every story shared has all come to cultivate my creative path and lead me to the very place I find myself today. Along the way there have been turning points that have steered me onto different paths and made me change direction. Sometimes the intentions behind what we set out to do don’t go accordingly. My greatest lesson has been in recognising the importance of allowing for flexibility when it comes to making plans. There are no wrong decisions. Nor is there losing or failure. A dear friend of mine reminded me of this recently, saying: all our pursuits serve to evolve the expansion of ourselves as we trust and stay open to love. They are simple, heartfelt words that I needed to hear during a moments overwhelm. It happens from time-to-time, being a natural part of the unfolding journey.


another passion…

I didn’t pursue those workshops, read the books or listen to the guest speakers in the hopes of finding the answer to all my questions. Instead, over the years, in being open to listening and receiving information, those pursuits have served to act as stepping-stones in helping me develop my craft as a writer and harness my passions to develop what I want to do. It’s been a gradual process. One that has served to constantly have me filtering what’s important.

We can never fool our instinct. It is the greatest measure in determining whether or not we are acting in pursuit of what we love and will forever remind us when we are heading in the opposite direction. If my indulgence at pursuing my creativity has served to gift me the greatest level of happiness I experience today, then I would happily oblige in indulging all the time…

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Happy travels…Paula x