There’s an uninhibited freedom I experience when I travel through Greece that I don’t encounter anywhere else. The way I communicate, feel, what I absorb and experience, the people I meet, the entire complexity of my encounters there allow me to feel as though I am steeping into the truest expression of who I am.

It is the most richly rewarding experience.

sunset, Lemnos…photo via piktureit

When you make the decision to step outside your comfort zone, what awaits beyond the confines of safety often presents the most unexpected outcomes. Sometimes we struggle to let go of what no longer serves us. We cling to it as though it’s our life support. What we fail to realise, is that: the more we are clinging to what we don’t need, the more we are limiting the greatest opportunities from coming anywhere near us.

photography practicums, Lemnos…photo via: piktureit

My travels through Greece took me to some spectacular places and gifted me the most unforgettable experiences. I travelled alone, I travelled with company, I hosted a Retreat and met some of the most incredible people whose gestures of heartfelt warmth and compassion to a complete stranger will stay with me for life. The most enriching part of the process was knowing that the quality and depth behind all that was unfolding was happening because I had finally made the decision to cut the ties and let go of what no longer served me. What startled me the most was realising how close I came to missing out on this entire opportunity. Clinging to a life that I was terrified to let go of was limiting me from stepping into my best self.

styling practicums, Creative Immersion Retreat…Lemnos

When we are confined to what’s safe, we are reluctant to entertain the idea of something greater than what we know. It doesn’t fit in. We shut it out. My journey through Greece, my experiences, the people I met, the challenges I faced, they represented far more than just being about happy travels…They were a measure of what we have the capacity to experience and feel when we are operating from our higher selves. When we allow the support of the Universe, the support of our own Intuition to guide us and propel us forward.

roaming the roads of Lemnos…

From a young age, I was completely enamoured by the depth of the blue of the Aegean Sea. I remember this overwhelming urge to be immersed in it, to be engulfed. There was a richness to the colour that had me transfixed. Last month, for the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to take a dive into the depths of its abyss…Unbeknown to me, that moment was captured and frozen in time. Looking at it is a constant reminder of the journey that unfolded in Greece. It encompasses the enormity of what transpires when we simply nudge ourselves forward and trust our ability to be guided in the direction of the unknown…

Happy travels…Paula x