When I started brainstorming ideas for the Creative Immersion Retreat, there were two women that I knew I had to contact.

Celebrated photographer Carla Coulson and influential Interior Stylist Shannon Fricke are two women that have each carved a dynamic career path in their chosen creative professions. Both have been on my radar for a very long time. Both are woman that I revere and admire. Both have a natural ability to completely draw you in and invite you to shift your perspective in approaching what you do.

Carla Couslon…On Location, Lemnos

But there was one thing I was drawn to above anything else when I was considering them as facilitators on the Retreat.

Their complete, uninhibited honesty in conveying their Truth.

The core theme that came up in the Retreat was the importance of being intimate with our unique Story. The reason for this, is because it comes to define our Creative Voice and is the signature in everything we do. The more intimate we are in exploring the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves, the greater the level of authenticity we have in communicating to the outside world.

Vision, Trust and Intention are some of the most powerful things that will direct and influence the shape of our path. When we are clear with our Vision, we are able to tune our focus in exactly where we want to go. When we realise our Intention, we are inviting countless possibilities to present themselves and help support bring this Vision to life. When we Trust the process, we are completely unstoppable.

Finding Your Creative Mentors...

rustic village dinner, Lemnos

What I have learned about the importance of being True to your creative pursuits is what I have observed from the actions of my Creative Mentors. Both Carla and Shannon delve deep when it comes to engaging their audience and sharing their knowledge. It becomes far more than just learning about how to take a nice picture or style a lovely table.

It becomes about speaking from the Heart and being fully immersed in your Creative expression. It becomes about learning how everything that comes to shape our Story – our experiences, our pursuits, our willingness to completely dive in and surrender ourselves to our passion, results in helping us achieve greater authenticity in the way we express our creativity.

Finding Your Creative Mentors...

styling lessons with Shannon Fricke…

Most successful people refrain talking with such a deep level of honesty. They simply skim the surface and seldom expose their fractures. The topic of Vulnerability is often seen as a sign of weakness – particularly in women. However, what sharing our Vulnerability serves to do, is reveal that none of us are immune to experiencing it. Regardless of how together we seem to be on the surface. There is no shame in Vulnerability. There is no shame in having Fractures. They make up the essence of who we are and serve to help us be more truthful in depicting our Story.

Finding Your Creative Mentors...

‘simplicity, freedom & possibility’…Shannon Fricke

Carla Coulson and Shannon Fricke are two of the most inspiring, soulful, committed and emotionally evolved women I have ever met. Their wisdom, heart and passion are qualities that translate into every aspect of their approach to life. To have them both in my life as Creative and Personal Mentors is a great privilege. They constantly serve to show me how to better evolve, push and elevate myself in order to aspire in continuing to maximise the essence of my potential.

It is truly a gift to be a part of this journey together with them…


Happy Travels…Paula x