Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

They’ll be saying things about you…things like: “I think she’s in Love…” 

They’ll be right too…because that’s exactly what happens the minute a woman decides to Empower her Voice & Live her Passion. She becomes giddy with excitement as she embarks on the greatest love affair with Life. There’s an unstoppable force that is suddenly alight as she feels the most focused, determined and self-assured she has ever felt in her LIFE. She’s doubtful of nothing and is completely backing herself, and all the fears, vulnerability and excitement that come with making that decision for the very first time…It has her feeling like she has just won the GREATEST JACKPOT OF HER LIFE…

That’s the power of following your Passion.

It’s the moment that’ll have you packing your bags and following your heart…It’ll take you places you’d never imagined and have you engaged in the most passionate dance with Life…It’ll make you get wayyyyy outside your comfort zone and have you starting new things with just the sketchiest plans…and it’ll give you a completely different lens with which to look at the world and a newfound sense of confidence…

Passion, Confidence, Purpose, Fun, I Desperately Wanted It All

Passion is the vehicle that guides us to where we belong, inspires our decisions and patiently waits for us until we find our way. It has us in a delirious state of happiness as everything in our life goes through the greatest change. 

New people come in as old friends begin to drop away, there’s a drive that propels everything you do and crazy synchronicities you never imagined, happen again and again. Old habits are let go as you step into your strengths and a new way of being comes into play. There’s something that energetically happens when we follow our Passion. It’s the moment we become completely AWAKE to Life and everything that’s being invited to come our way.  

It’s a world I came so close to missing out on experiencing for myself because fear got in the way and had me put the brakes on following my Passion for 15 years of my life. 

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Sydney and Perth’s Empower Your Voice and Live Your Passion Workshops are coming up…

This Workshop is for those of you who answer YES to any of the following:

  • I want to find my Voice and have the courage to be Heard.
  • I want to listen to my heart and follow my passions but are afraid to take the next step
  • I want to create a life with more purpose
  • I want to break down the extremely well built walls around me
  • I want to stop feeling STUCK and trust myself more
  • I want to overcome the blocks stopping me from experiencing a more enriching Creative, Personal and Professional life
  • I want to be authentic and engaging with my Voice and have the confidence to do so
  • I want to kiss my Inner Critic goodbye and connect with my JOY
  • I want to trust that what I have to say has value and is important.

For those of you who’ve always wanted to take that next step, but have been too afraid, have always wanted to follow your passion but don’t have the confidence to start, this is your chance to be in the company of some amazing like-minded women who are taking the next step to do exactly the same:



For further details, please email me:

Love Paula x